Warren parking ordinance is near


The City of Warren may soon have a parking ordinance.

The city planning commission has been working on the ordinance for a year. At Wednesday morning’s meeting, the members made a few final tweaks before approving the ordinance for submission to city council.

Officially, the members asked that they receive a finalized version via email for a final check before forwarding the document to council.

Some of the revisions made Wednesday added references to other documents and legal requirements. The members pointed to the city’s stormwater ordinance in the case of a portion of the parking ordinance related to run-off.

They also included language that explains that new parking must meet ADA requirements.

They also made some language more specific – from “too narrow” to 9 feet wide, in one place.

Some calculations were also eliminated. A section that indicated parking spaces must include 180 square feet was removed because angled spaces result in different areas.

The ordinance applies to new commercial parking areas and facilities and the commission members discussed how to make the rules apply to parking areas that are resurfaced and repainted. “It would be great to be able to influence that,” member Bob Dilks said.

In general, parking spaces in new parking areas or facilities must be nine feet wide.

Commission member Greg Fraser made the motion that, after the members have a chance to review the newly edited document, it be forwarded to city council. That motion passed unanimously.