Sports Briefly…07/16/13

Over 30 Softball

Here are the standings, this week’s schedule and home run leaders for the Over 30 Modified Softball League, playing Tuesdays at Betts Park:


A Division

Mangione Beverage 8-0

CMFS/The Bucket 6-2

Klenowski Law 5-3

Crescent Beer 4-4

Accent Staffing 3-4

Bullpen 2-5

B Division

Kwik Fill 6-2

S&K Scope Mounts 5-4

Buckhorn 4-4

American Legion3-5

Freddie’s 1-7

Club Buck 1-8

Tuesday’s schedule (July 16)

6 p.m.: Buckhorn vs. Crescent Beer, Betts Field; Freddie’s vs. Bullpen, Foley Field; Mangione Beverage vs. S&K Scope Mounts, Brown Field

7:30 p.m.: Club Buck vs. CMFS/The Bucket, Betts Field; Kwik Fill vs. Accent Staffing, Foley Field

9 p.m.: Klenowski Law vs. American Legion, Betts Field

Home run leaders (games submitted to newspaper): Tim Munksgard (Mangione) 8, Scott Chase (Mangione) 6, Nick Bryan (S&K) 4, Mark Ordiway (Mangione) 3, Scott Blum (Bullpen) 2, Rich Zdarko (Kwik Fill) 2, Dan Bullock (S&K) 2, Neal Kent (Klenowski) 2, Rich Geer (Buckhorn) 2, Josh Egger (Mangione) 2, Jeff Young (Klenowski) 2, Brad Johnson (Mangione) 1, Scott Bines (Accent) 1, Dustin Wilcox (Klenowski) 1, Glenn Morse (Kwik Fill) 1, Joe Hennessey (Kwik Fill) 1, Dave Smith (Kwik Fill) 1, Kenny Frank (Mangione) 1, Mark Hoden (Kwik Fill) 1, Rick Rohlin (Kwik Fill) 1, Pete Edling (Accent Staffing) 1, Dave Klemons (CMFS/The Bucket) 1, Jason Holt (Club Buck) 1, R.J. Bowers (Bullpen) 1, Todd Breeding (S&K) 1, Troy Weissinger (Kwik Fill) 1, Dave Stuart (S&K Scope Mounts) 1.

Makeups: Freddie’s vs Kwik Fill (6-25); Mangione vs. Legion (6-25); Klenowski vs. Crescent (6-25); The Bucket vs, Bullpen (6-25); Accent Staffing vs. Buckhorn (6-25)

Results Not Reported: None


A parents meeting for incoming 7th and 8th grade football players at Beaty-Warren Middle School will be held at 7 p.m., Tuesday, at the high school practice field behind the Warren County Career Center. Students are also welcome to attend.