Same-sex marriage

Dear editor:

Father John Neff’s article about the welfare of children of gay parents is just too much. This concern from an employee of an organization that fostered the sexual terror of children by priests around the world for years is a joke. Priests were moved from parish to parish to try to hide this dirty little secret and the Catholic Church hid hundreds of millions of dollars so they would not have to pay victims. Please tell us Father Neff how is it that you can judge what is good for the welfare of a child given the history of the organization you embrace?

He says that gay marriages will lead to couples more willing to abandon their responsibilities leading to broken homes, plummeting birth rates, and other social problems that will affect the mores of society. I would be surprised if we did not find some couples he married that could fit this description as well. Only an elitist would be foolish enough to believe otherwise, but then again he states that marriage is the pillar of society. Take a good look around and see that fewer and fewer people are getting married. Single people are raising kids and do a great job.

I have no belief one way or another when it comes to gay marriage. I put my life on the line for this country so people would have rights and could do what they want as long as it does not hurt others. I know gay couples who are raising children and I can tell you they are much better off than those children sexually abused by your brethren. What is Father Neff doing to help these kids or is he only concerned as long as he can see his name in the newspaper?

Tom Taydus, High Point, N.C.