Sports Briefly… 07/15/13

Golf results

Pat Hultquist and Nate Sandberg each had the low gross of 37, and John Elms the low net of 24, on Thursday in the Warren County Industrial Golf League at Blueberry Hill Golf Course.

Here are the team standings in total points and on Thursday:

Team standings: 1. Jones Chevrolet 275/37.5, 2. Sheffield Timber Service 274.5/40, 3. RalphE’s 267/22.5, 4. Momma D’s 260.5/36, 5. United Refining 253.5/33.5, 6. VFW Post 314 247.5/33.5, 7. Crossett 235.5/35, 8. Northwest Savings Bank 233.5/26.5, 9. Whirley DrinkWorks 217/32.5, 10. Voty Insurance 216.5/20, 11. Tarr’s 204.5/27.5, 12. Action Supply 190/26.5, 13. Northwest Savings No. 2 186.5/25, 14. Waste Treatment 183/35, 15. Horseshoe Inn 181/25

Jim Terrill, Denny Kirkpatrick and Bob Buerkle each had the low gross of 40, and Dave Lopez the low net of 29, on Friday in the Cable Hollow Senior Men’s Golf League. Bill Baglia had the most points at nine, Buerkle the most pars with seven, John Larson had two birdies and Dick whiting, Dave Guiffre, Baglia and Bob Bacchetti one each.

Here are the team standings, by Division:

Eastern Division: 1. Sawmill Stumpies 254, 2. CTI 253.5, 3. Landmark Electric 247.5, 4. Team 4 245.5, 5. Cable Hollow Golf 240.5, 6. Warren Tire 238, 7. Dave’s Deer Hunters 235, 8. Jones Chevrolet 216, 9. Shults Auto 214.5, 10. United Refining 1 182

Western Division: 1. Conn & Co. 259, 2. Maple Place Farms 256, 3. WACOPSE 252.5, 4. Dick and 3 Duffers 247, 5. Mike’s Townline 245, 6. Total Metal Buildings 230.5, 7. Team 20 226, 8. Kirkpatrick Pest Control 224.5, 9. United Refining 2 223.5, 10. Howard Hanna Daley Real Estate 217, 11. Community Resources 216.5

Conewango Valley Country Club member Joe Nelson and his father, Jerry Nelson, captured the 58th Annual Conewango Valley Country Club Member-Guest Golf Championship this weekend out of the Nicklaus Flight with 28.5 points, defeating five other flight winners in a shootout format. Losing to the Nelsons on the final hole, Al Baldensperger and Glenn Baldensperger (Hogan Flight) were runners-up at the event at 26 points.

Here are flight results:

Champions: Joe Nelson/Jerry Nelson

Runners-up: Al Baldensperger/Glenn Baldensperger

Champions Flight: Tyler Martin/Tim Holter 26, Jim Pullan/Reid Van Every 25

Nicklaus Flight: Joe Bellitto/Craig Knorr 28, Shawn Baldensperger/Mark Butina 21

Palmer Flight: George Adams/Jared Adams 26, Randy Ordines/Marc Johnson 24

Hogan Flight: Ron Leofsky/Tom Moyer 25.5, Myron Turfitt/Jack Yates 23.5

Snead Flight: Rick Bakewell/Greg Pond 30, Gary Evans/Adam Evans 23.5

Nelson Flight: Phil Mathyer/Ben Toter 30.5, Mark Espin/Jim Wagner 27

Hallie Dubia had the nine-hole low gross of 39, and Betsy Senger the nine-hole low net of 33, on Tuesday in the Conewango Valley Country Club Ladies League.

Flight 1 (0-25 handicap): 9-hole low gross-Hallie Dubia 39; 9-hole low net-Betsy Senger 33; 18-hole low gross-Dubia 77; 18-hole low net-Senger 68

Flight 2 (26-40): 9-hole low gross-Judy Dale 46; 9-hole low net-Michelle Lauffenburger 34; 18-hole low gross-Dale 94; 18-hole low net-Debbie Vicini 76

Flight 3 (41 and over): 9-holw low gross-Kirsten Turfitt 57; 9-hole low net-Deb Leofsky 36; 18-hole low gross-Leofsky 124

Margie Cerra had the low gross of 46, and Jody Christenson, Dannell Sowers and Donna Zarczny each had low net at 35, on Tuesday in the Blueberry Ladies League.

Flight A: Gross-Margie Cerra 46, Jody Christenson 47, Sue Shea 47, Morgan Smith 47; net-Christenson 35, Cerra 36, Shea 36, Smith 36

Flight B: Gross-Diedra Swanson 50, Patti Larson 52; net-Swanson 36, Larson 37

Flight C: Gross-Danell Sowers 54, Barb Gelotte 55; net- Sowers 35, Gelotte 39, Jill Morley 39

Flight D: Gross-Tracie Gray 59, Becky Carlson 62, Vicki Williams 62

Flight E: Gross-Donna Zarczny 61, Karen Bednar 63, Annie Creek 63, Kerry Pearson 63; net-Zarczny 35, Creek 36

No handicap: Sharon Brady 59, Becky Olofson 61

Valley Girls

Here is this week’s schedule for the Valley Girls Slow Pitch Softball League, playing Mondays at Betts Park:

This week’s schedule (July 15)

6:30 p.m.: Double D’s vs. Fairmont, Betts Field; CTI vs. Park Avenue, Foley Field; AB Lawn Care/Allegheny Cyclery vs. Mike’s Townline, Brown Field

7:45 p.m.: Seneca Home Health vs. Results Rehab, Betts Field; Park Avenue vs. Fairmont, Foley Field

9 p.m.: Double D’s vs. Results Rehab, Betts Field; AB Lawn Care/Allegheny Cyclery vs. Seneca Home Health, Foley Field

Soccer Challenge

The Over 200 vs. Under 200 Bicentennial Challenge Cup matches featured both a women’s game and a men’s game. 55 players played in these two matches that began in1995 as part of Warren’s Bicentennial Celebration at War Memorial Field.

In the women’s match, the Over 200 ladies, consisting of alumni from Warren High School and Eisenhower High School, beat the Under 200 team of players, made up of players from Warren and Eisenhower, 5-1.

The Over 200 team had Megan Lawson scoring a hat trick and Emma King and Katie Lawson each scoring a goal. Taylor Talasky scored for the Under 200 ladies.

In the 19th playing of the annual Over 200 (Old Boys) vs. Under 200 (Young Guns) Bicentennial Challenge Cup match, the two teams played to a 5-5 tie.The Young Guns took a 3-2 lead, with goals from Matt Sandberg and two from Joseph Bell, into halftime. Jordan English and Will Cole registered goals in the first half for the Old Boys .

However, well into the second half all defense seemed to be put aside. The Old Boys equalized through Joel Nowaki (3-3) before Bell put the Young Guns ahead again, 4-3.

Christian Harrington then scored to make it 4-4. Throughout this period, Cole, in goal for the Old Boys, made a half dozen excellent saves at close range, denying Sandberg, Liam Boger, Bell and Max Gross in what seemed like certain goals. As the clocked ticked down to the final minutes, Troy Burns netted from distance (5-4) for what seemed like the winning goal. But the Young Guns continued to press and earned the well-deserved equalizer, Liam Boger shooting into the net on a cross from Stefan Blair to complete the scoring at 5-5.

For the series, the Young Guns hold the edge with eight wins, the Old Boys have three wins and there have been eight ties.

Boys Minors

The District 10 champion Warren Boys Minors All-Stars will begin Section 1 Tournament play at 6 p.m. Monday vs. Clarion (District 25) in Union City. The pool play tournament from July 15-18, all games in Union City, also includes Harborcreek (District 3) and General McLane (District 1). The top teams in pool play will play on Thursday for the right to advance to the Pennsylvania Little League Championship Tournament July 23-29 in West Middlesex.