34th Terry F. Ristau Industrial tourney August 16-18

The Warren Jaycees’ 34th Annual Terry F. Ristau Memorial Industrial Slow Pitch Softball Tournament, which benefits local charities, is scheduled to be played August 16-18 at Betts Park.

A mandatory meeting for representatives of all teams will be held at 6 p.m. Monday, August 12, at Elks Lodge No. 223 – where the drawings for men’s and co-ed brackets will take place. Interested teams should have a $250 entry fee and roster no later than August 8, as teams will not be accepted after this date.

The tournament will be run similar to recent years, with two men’s brackets (Industrial and Open) and two co-ed brackets (Industrial and Open). To be eligible to compete in the Industrial brackets, all members of the team must be current employees of the company. Industrial rosters must be submitted on a company letterhead with names, addresses, telephone numbers, and place of employment. If any players are not employed by the company, that team will be considered an Open division team.

Players must be 16 years of age older and there is no restriction on how far away a player lives,.

In co-ed competition, teams must have a minimum of four women on the field and in the batting order at all times.

Teams are allowed to use their own wood, aluminum shelled, and half-and-half with aluminum barrel bats. Full composite bats are not permitted.

The top three finishers in each bracket will recieve a trophy and charity prize money donated in their name.

Entry fees and rosters may be submitted to Terry F. Ristau Memorial Softball Tournament, P.O. Box 487, Warren, Pa. 16365, or rosters/questions emailed to softballeromar@yahoo.com. Participants are asked to include a contact e-mail for each team.