Our opinion: A thing worth saving

“But meanwhile it flees: time flees irretrievably, while we wander around, prisoners of our love of detail.”

– Virgil, in his poem “Georgics”

Time passes all things, some of them worth saving for time now and in the future, some of them not.

Some of the largest and most notable on both sides of that postulate are buildings, residential, commercial, public and private.

Some are preserved for their beauty, some for their historical significance, and some are allowed to disappear because of their lack of either attribute.

There is a little frame building at the intersection of Thompson Hill Road and Valentine Run that isn’t particularly architecturally unique, except that it is an excellent example of what rural education represented more than a century ago. It is rather plain and has suffered the indignities of Mother Nature over the past few decades.

But, what it has is a history. It was a school building, a post office, a Sunday school, a community meeting place, and until just a few years ago, the venue for an alumni picnic.

The question now is whether it should be razed or restored, at least conserved.

We vote for either of the latter.

If the site was earmarked for a new General Motors plant creating a thousand jobs, that would be one thing; maybe it could be moved.

Rene Johnson sees the worth of the old Putnamville school house and would like a chance to save it. She will need help, and we hope the people of the Thompson Hill area respond.

There are memories stored in that old, non-descript building. It would be a shame to lose it simply because no one cared.