COG members discuss purchase of cold patch


Once of the primary beliefs behind the formation of the Council of Governments was that money could be saved through joint purchasing on things that all municipalities need.

An example of that was discussed during last Wednesday night’s meeting at the Warren Municipal Building.

Glade Township Supervisor Dave Sedon said that he had spoken with representatives from Mead Township about purchasing a joint tri-axle load of cold patch.

“It sounds like a great idea,” Mead Township Supervisor Al Fox said.

Sedon said that he is aware of a “good cold patch” available out of Pittsburgh, but the trick is that purchases are by the tri-axle load approximately 23 tons.

“We got a load before,” Fox said. “By the time we were done, it was even less money” than for the same product in Jamestown. “Our guys are really happy with the product. (It’s) better than anything we have found locally.”

Pleasant Township Supervisor Ron Hultman said that the township crew recently cut a street. “We refilled it. They got this cold patch. It’s great. It’s the best stuff we ever saw,” he said.

“It’s the best stuff I’ve seen anywhere for cold patch,” Fox added.

County Planner Dan Glotz said that the cold patch could be dumped in one central location and can be left until it was needed.

“It stays quite well,” Fox said. “I’m very happy with the patches they’ve made.”

Sedon added that this product “has a lot more fiber in it, more oil, than what we get from Jamestown.” He explained that the location in Jamestown charges $100 per ton and, even with shipping, the product from Pittsburgh only costs $90.

Glotz asked if the COG should pursue this purchase collectively.

“Yes. Everyone I know uses cold patch,” Sedon said. Hultman proposed contracting the company to get a quote.

Glotz said that he would send out a notice to all municipalities to see if there is interest in the joint purchase.

“I think it would be well worth looking into,” Sedon added.