Sheffield Area News in Brief




Sheffield Fireman’

Festival Events

Sun., July 14: Chicken BBQ (must have ticket) noon & 3 p.m., cost $8

Tue., July 16: Kids Night, 6:30 p.m.

Wed., July 17: Midway opens, Ride-a-rama, 6 p.m.; Bingo, doors open 4:30 p.m., early bird games 6 p.m., regular games 6:30 p.m.; special drawing for $100 10 p.m. (must be present to win)

Thur., July 18: Midway opens 6 p.m.; pet parade, 6:30 p.m.; special drawing for $100 10 p.m. (must be present to win)

Fri., July 19: Midway opens, Ride-a-rama 6 p.m.; music by T.N.T. Audio Entertainment 6 p.m.; special drawing for $100 10 p.m. (must be present to win); drawing for bicycles

Sat., July 20: Fireman’s Water Battle 8:30 a.m.; parade 4 p.m.; midway opens around 5 p.m.; special drawing for $100 7 p.m. (must be present to win); fireworks around 10:30 p.m.; basket raffle; grand prize drawing

Sheffield Township


The regularly scheduled meeting of the Sheffield Township Supervisors was called to order by Chairman Jim McMillen at the Sheffield Hospitality Center with. Bids were opened for the following work on two of the roofs of township building as follows:

Police Car Garage Install furring strips on 24-inch center, Install lifetime 29 gauge metal (color to be chosen by Township), Install ridge cap and gable trim as necessary, Clean up and disposal

Maintenance Pole Building Remove existing indulines roofing, Install bubble wrap over existing purloins for vapor barrier, Install lifetime warranty 29 gauge metal (Color to be chosen by Township), Install ridge cap and gable trim as necessary, Clean up and disposal

Bids were received from Faul Construction in the amount of $10,468, Scott Pangallo Enterprises $10,800, Tome Enterprise $13,720, Curtis Contracting $18,000 and REMCO $19,300. Pending review the bid will be awarded to Faul Construction for his bid of $10,468 with a motion by Supervisor Bulicz, seconded by Supervisor Labesky and duly carried.

The bid for milling bituminous surface to a depth of 3′ then place 19MM Super pave Binder Course to a depth of 3″ the placement of a single bituminous seal coat on Four Mile Road, Hathaway Lane and Chapel Lane were as follows: Glenn O. Hawbakers of Turtle Point, PA in the amount of $192,623.00 and Jefferson Paving of Brookville in the amount of $208,122.54. With a motion by Supervisor Bulicz, seconded by Supervisor Labesky and duly carried the bid of $192,623 from Glenn O. Hawbakers was accepted pending review of our PennDOT municipal representative.

The bids for furnishing and applying 15,927 square yards of single bituminous seal coat for Four Mile Road, Keystone Avenue, Dunham Street, Foulkrod Street, Barnes Cemetery Road and Sheffield Cemetery Road were as follows: Suit Kote of Meadville in the amount of $25,308; Jefferson Paving of Brookville in the amount of $25,801.74; Glenn O. Hawbakers of Turtle Point in the amount of $35,767.48.

With a motion by Supervisor Bulicz, seconded by Supervisor Labesky and duly carried the bid of $25,308 by Suit Kote was awarded pending review by the PennDOT Municipal Representative.

The following letters were mailed for grass violations: Royal Ferry for his property on Austin Hill Road, John Dipierro property off of Route 6, Walter Hernandez of 28 First Mill Street along with the Grass Ordinance is Ordinance No. 91 accumulation of garbage and rubbish, Ethel Eck of 12 First Mill Street, Edward and Linda Lloyd for 46 Hathaway Lane and Frank Marzack for Ordinance No. 91 Accumulation of garbage and rubbish.

The adoption of Resolution No. 408 Plan Revision for the extension of the sewer lines to Highway 6 East, Kane Road took place.

On Tuesday, June 25, 2013 Alan Gustafson of the City of Warren BCO placed a condemnation sign on 57 Chapel Lane. Robert Clever, Jr was in the office on Friday asking what can be done to prevent this, the secretary told him he needs to contact the City of Warren and the SEO, Todd Fantaskey to see what needs done through their regulations. The secretary spoke with Bob Bell from PennDOT in regards to the Bridge replacement project on the SR 666 Bridge by Utah Road. He stated construction would not begin until July 2014 and what they are doing is replacing beams and the concrete decking and the rocks and abutments that we are placing upstream will not have any effect on their work, so we are to go ahead with this. The secretary is to contact Shingledeckers to see how soon these rocks will be put into place. Lori Corbin, Tax Collector for Sheffield Township has asked how the lock box on the front of the Township Building is coming and the secretary informed her that we did not put one up because of the expense and that we would not be responsible for money placed in the box. Payments can either be mailed or made in person to her during her hours at the library, which are September 21, and 28 from 10AM 1PM or September 23, 25, and 30 from 6-8. She stated that she is required to only hold office hours the last two weeks of discount. Since she is working full time she is not going to have office hours at her house in August anymore. She also stated that the other tax collectors don’t even offer August office hours. The Roamaster visited Mrs. Lindsey’s property at 21 First Mill Street and found the sink hole to be right on the sewage line 10′ from the manhole, this is the Authority’s problem. A letter was sent to the Authority asking them to fix this problem for Mrs.Lindsey.

The Roadmaster was asked about the stakes in front of Zane Johnson’s property on Pickering Street and the dirt that was also placed there. Roadmaster Yonkie stated that the property owner placed them there over the weekend because he was having problems with water rushing down the road so he diverted the water off his property into the road. Supervisor Labesky read Section 2320 from the Township Codes book which states “Any person who damages or diverts any drain or ditch without the authority of the board of supervisors commits a summary offense and is liable for the cost of restoring the drain or ditch. All fines and moneys so recovered shall be paid to the township treasurer.” Chief Madigan will speak to Mr. Johnson and ask him to remove the stakes, the boundaries will be spray painted and a catch basin will be placed and proper drainage will be taken care of by the Township and we will work with Mr. Johnson to fix the problems.

The Secretary stated that last year we had discussed the changing of the times for the clean- up day, reducing the hours. It was unanimously decided that next year clean up day will be from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Roger Dunham of the Municipal Authority discussed the problems with Saybrook Road and it not being 16′ wide when it was re-paired by IA Construction. Mr. Dunham stated that this will be fixed without ruining what is already done. He also stated that he measured Center Street and it is 15 ‘ , so where is the regulations that states all streets must be 16’ wide before a Township can receive state funds for these roads. Supervisor Labesky stated that it is the liquid fuels regulations and if he needs to see this it will be made available for him.

Weldbank Energy Corp is drilling a well in Mead Township. Catalyst Energy will be drilling in Sheffield Township and BF Adventures, LLC will be drilling Mead Township

Judy Sadler was hired as the Township Assistant Librarian her first day of employment was June 29.

Sheffield Hospitality


The menu for the week: Monday BBQ ham, macaroni and cheese with Texas sheet cake for dessert; Thursday open-faced hot roast beef sandwich, veg, and apple parfait; Friday’s buffet will feature ‘make your own hot dogs’ with all the fixins, sauerkraut, sauce and onions and more, with fruit for dessert.

To start out the week Chicken BBQ at the fire hall, you must have tickets in advance, then the activities, drawings, excitement, parades and fireworks. We all need to support the festival. Our activities for the week, the Kitchen Band will be playing for the residents at Golden Living on Tuesday, if you would like to join them in a very rewarding experience give us a call at 968-5667. Wednesday we are off to our mystery lunch ‘somewhere in Warren County’. Call for your reservation for friends and fun.


If you would like to be entertained by the best consider the trip to Branson, Mo., where you can sit back relax and leave the driving and parking to someone else, all you have to do in enjoy yourself, call now for a brochure for this trip Sept.15-21, Any age can go and we pick up in Sheffield, Warren and Jamestown to be on our way.

2014-Would you like a repeat trip to New York City in the spring? Call me if interested, last year was fabulous.

Oct. 4-12 New Orleans is scheduled. and Nov. 1-8 is Hawaii and stops at the islands, no passport required.

Sheffield Rotary

The Sheffield Rotary met on Tuesdays at the Sheffield Hospitality Center for lunch at 12 and meeting. During the meeting this past Tuesday, Zarah Pratz gave a presentation on the recent RYLA event she attended courtesy of the Sheffield Rotary.

Pratz was picked by a group of Rotarians who administered interviews with four junior class members of SAMSHS. She informed the Rotarians that she had a very uplifting experience at the Rotary Youth Leadership Assembly she attended at Westminster College. She learned about the fundamentals of leadership, ethics of positive leadership, importance of communication skills in effective leadership, problem solving and conflict management, what Rotary is and what it does for the community, building self-confidence and self-esteem as well as elements of community and global citizenship.

She stated that she feels that she is able to make a change for the better for her life and is very much interested in marine biology and plans to attend Mercyhurst College in Erie to further her education. While at the RYLA seminar she was awarded a scholarship to one of four colleges and Mercyhurst College was one of these colleges. Pratz will be a senior in the fall at SAMSHS.

Main Street Artisans

The Main Street Artisans Co-op recently held its annual meeting in which the officers were chosen for the 2013-2014 year: Kristi Kulka, president; Randy Melquist, vice president; Marilyn Dunkle, secretary; and Melody Mead, treasurer.

The co-op is opened Wednesday through Friday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The shop offers an eclectic collection of original art and handcrafted items by Marilyn Dunkle, Randy Melquist, Melody Mead, Janice Lyle, Evelyn McNeal, Sandy Droney, Mariam Olson, Bill Simbeck, Donna Anderson and Leon Edminston, Susie Curtin, Paul and Karen Yourchisin, Bruce Melquist and Shirley and Bob Corelli.

Coming Event:

July 17-20: Sheffield Fireman’s Festival

July 19-20: Sheffield Alumni Weekend

July 26: Sheffield Senior Center trip to Pittsburgh on the Gateway Clipper

Sept 15-21: Sheffield Senior Center trip to Branson

Oct 11-13: 8th Annual Johnny Appleseed Festival

Oct 19: SVFD Fall Auction doors open at noon

Dec 14: SVFD Christmas Auction doors open at noon


Nov 1-8: Sheffield Senior Center trip to Hawaii