Family Fivesome: Ignatius family finds time together at CVCC Member/Guest


It’s been several months since the Ignatius boys were last together.

Paul Jr., Jason, and Mark have followed their father, Dr. Paul Ignatius Sr.’s path and pursued medical degrees. While Kevin lives in West Hollywood and has found a niche in the entertainment business.

When they get together, their is a passion for among other things, golf.

Dr. Paul Ignatius Sr. was a longtime orthopedic surgeon here in Warren. An avid golfer, his ultimate dream was to play in a tournament with all his sons, or as he calls them, “lads.”

“I told the lads, while I’m still on this Earth, I wanted the chance to play in the Member/Guest tournament with each of them,” said Paul Sr.

That dream is coming true this weekend.

All four boys and their father will play in the Conewango Valley Country Club 51st Member/Guest Golf Tournament. The history of the club dates back a hundred years, and is the perfect venue for this family photo.

It wasn’t long ago the boys were six-years-old and hitting a few shots on the back nine of this course.

Paul Sr. wondered if this type of opportunity would ever exist?

“As they grew older, I often wondered if we could be able to get everyone together and play in this tournament,” he said. “With three of them being doctors, it’s hard for them to take time off. Once we figured it all out, and I knew it was going to happen, it was the ultimate coup-de-grace.”

The tournament is not only on a course they grew up playing, but where they shared many memories.

“We would eat a family dinner, then take the boys out and let them hit some balls on the back nine,” said Paul Sr. “We wanted to instill something in them they could enjoy at any age.”

Those countless hours on the course with one another helped create a brotherly bound that can never be torn apart.

“We just enjoy being around one another,” said Paul Jr. “It’s kind of funny, there are four boys making up the perfect foursome.”

The foursome will be split up, but in another unique way, according to Paul Sr.

“Paul and Kevin will play with their father-in -laws, while Jason will play with long-time family friend Bob Metzgar,” he said. “

As for Paul Sr.’s playing partner, “Mark just finished his residency at UCLA and is the least likely to be back for a while,” he said, so it was a no-brainer to play with him. Regardless, the boys are still glad they can be around one another.

Four brothers brings ultra-competitiveness to the forefront. They all agreed, when it comes to golf, Paul Jr. is the most competitive.

Despite playing in the Western Pennsylvania Amateur Championship at Butler Country Club, Paul Jr. may not be the favorite going into the weekend.

“After the practice round, Jason has become the dark horse,” said Kevin. “They (Jason and family friend, Bob Metzgar) actually shot the best practice round.”

When asked if there will be any friendly wagering, Paul Jr. and Kevin smiled and said, “There won’t be any money wagers or anything like that; we are just trying to have a good time.”

“With two brothers on the east coast, we don’t get to be around each other or see one another that often,” said Paul Jr. “Golf has always been our common denominator that we can just go out and have fun with each other.”

In the words of their father, “It’s moments like these – you never know when they will come around. You hope that they do and can’t take them for granted because one day it can all be taken away from you.”