PennDOT, DCNR team to speed ATV and snowmobile licenses

PennDOT and the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) have formed a new inter-agency partnership to help speed up ATV and snowmobile vehicle registration renewals by two to four weeks.

Since July 1, PennDOT’s state-of-the-art processing and mailing technology is processing DCNR’s renewals for consumer snowmobiles, ATVs and dealer registrations, with customers receiving products within two weeks. Applicants will still mail applications to DCNR, but they will be opened, processed and fulfilled by PennDOT.

“This is a prime example of our efforts through Next Generation to modernize our operations and reduce overlaps in service with other agencies,” PennDOT Secretary Barry Schoch said. “With DCNR using PennDOT’s existing resources, the process will still be invisible to our customers, but their tax dollars will be paying for a more efficient process.”

Previously, DCNR staff manually processed the registration forms, allowing for a four- to six-week processing time before ATV and snowmobile owners would receive their updated registration.

“By merging these services, the new renewal registration process will improve efficiency and allow DCNR to better utilize staff and resources to focus on core functions of the agency,” DCNR Acting Secretary Ellen Ferretti said. “Partnering with PennDOT by using its automated equipment provides a processing time that will be a much shorter turnaround period for the almost 260,000 registered ATV owners and 37,370 registered snowmobile owners across the state.”

The project is a part of PennDOT’s Next Generation initiative to improve services and reduce costs. to learn more visit