Commissioners handle routine issues

The Warren County Commissioners took care of some housekeeping matters during their Wednesday morning meeting.

A resolution authorizing revisions to the county’s 2009 fiscal year and 2010 Community Development Block Grant program budgets into the 2012 fiscal year for a total amount of $20,378.62 was unanimously approved.

The $5,378.62 in 2009 fiscal year funds was reallocated from a sewer connection project in Sheffield Township to complete a sidewalk project on Jamestown Street in Sugar Grove Borough. Also, $15,000 in CDBG was reallocated from slum and blight activity into program administration.

County Grants Administrator Lorri Dunlap described the move as “housekeeping to spend old money moving forward.”

The commissioners also approved resolution 3007 to modify a 2011 fiscal year Emergency Services Grant for $112,234 awarded to operate and maintain the Faith Inn transitional housing.

The modification will move $40,710 from operations into rehabilitation and essential services. The remaining $68,724 will remain in operations and $2,800 will remain in administration.

Bob Raible, executive director of the Warren-Forest Counties Economic Opportunities Council, said operational expenses have been lower than estimated and there is a need for case managers at the Faith Inn transitional housing facility. Funds will also be used to finish renovations including painting, carpeting, kitchen cabinets, lighting and dry wall.

Resolution 3008 was also approved by the commissioners to authorize the filing for a competitive Emergency Solutions Grant grant from the state Department of Community and Economic Development for $211,695 on behalf of the EOC. The grant will also be used at Faith Inn to facilitate rapid the transition into subsidized or local apartments, Raible said.