Y’ville looking for new ins. carrier

Worker’s compensation insurance has been a source of consternation for municipalities across the Commonwealth throughout the last year.

Premium costs are skyrocketing and some companies are canceling policies with municipalities altogether.

Youngsville Borough is one of the policy holders that has been dropped.

Borough Manager Lisa Hagberg delivered the news to borough council on Monday.

One of the primary factors that has driven up workmen’s compensation costs for municipalities across the state is a relatively new provision that allows firefighters to file a claim if they are diagnosed with cancer and can link their diagnoses to chemicals they faced fighting fires.

In Youngsville, the borough holds the policy that covers the volunteer fire department. “We have had a lot of losses,” Hagberg said.

“We are currently working with three insurance companies to try to find the best deal,” she explained. “(We’re) trying to get the fire department on a different company than the borough.”

Regardless of how policies are ultimately obtained, “worker’s comp is going to go up, probably a lot,” she added.

Councilman Eric Mineweaser asked if the increase in cost would be immediate.

Hagberg explained that the existing policy has a Oct. 1 renewal date. She said the fire department does reimburse the borough for a portion of the policy premium.

In addition to working with multiple insurance companies, Hagberg said that once the borough has some firm numbers it will meet with the department to “talk to them about what it is going to look like.”

In other news, Hagberg also announced that the borough is accepting submissions for a community service award that will be presented during the annual Corn Fest, slated for Aug. 17-18 at Island Park.