Park fee

Dear editor:

Warren Powers that be, when I first heard about the plans to charge a fee for the use of parks in Warren, I was really disappointed; you forgot to put in the clause: Services for the armed forces are exempt. I really thought you had an unfortunate slip up. I have come to discover that this was not a mistake.

You really have placed a monetary value on these services and ceremonies. How embarrassing! How dare you thumb your noses at each and every person that has given their lives for our freedom! This is a slap in the face to every person that lives in Warren County.

I have yet to meet ONE person that accepts this “idea” of yours. You do realize you are just one twitter, one email, one Facebook page, and one newsletter away from having every eye in the nation bestowed upon you? There is a grumbling of the people and it is getting louder.

You allowed the Memorial Day services be moved to Youngsville and still you have yet to change this ignorant policy! There is a very large group of men and women that are starting to organize and I would suggest you take a serious look at what you have done.

This is a poorly thought out policy of unbelievable magnitude. It should not have taken more than a moment for you to realize your “mistake.” It has been more than six weeks, and still you appear to be thumbing your noses at an entire nation, for a few measly dollars.

I am embarrassed and ashamed. I am embarrassed for you, for the people of Warren County and especially for the men and women who have fought and died for our little town. This will not remain a dirty little secret for long. The nation is about to slap Warren county off the map, so batten down the hatches, because this is going to get ugly. You grabbed the tail of a lion, not a mouse.

Sincerely Ashamed,

Amy Vibbert