Our opinion: 3 cheers for 3

There are people in this community who fill important needs. Those who come easily to mind are firefighters, policemen, emergency medical responders, doctors, and a host of others.

Then there are those who are less obvious, but still uniquely important to the health and welfare of a community.

Three of them are retiring this summer, passing their torches to successors they believe will fulfill their missions at least as well as they have over many years.

Gary Lester is retiring as the director of Family Services of Warren County, a charitable agency that helps people through counseling, substance abuse services, and support groups. His mild-mannered piloting of Family Services has been quietly providing those services with compassion, kindness and professionalism to a wide range of people in need.

The ultimate results of the agency’s efforts can’t be measured in numbers, but without them this would be a much worse place to live.

Elsa Redding has been the director of Warren County Hospice for…well…forever.

She has dedicated herself to helping people at the end stage of life, easing the burden for those who face the end and those who continue on without them. She has worked tirelessly to recruit the local saints who do one of the toughest, yet most endearing jobs, in the world. She has enlisted the support of physicians, psychologists with the single purpose in mind to ease both physical and emotional pain.

Mike Hostovich has been the director of the United Fund for a decade, and in that time has driven an effort that has provided millions of dollars to a host of local agencies which, and including the ones just mentioned, provide hundreds of services that make this community a great place to live.

These three people are moving on to a much deserved respite, and we would like to thank them for their service. They should be proud of their accomplishments.