Slow Pitch Corner…7/06/13

Slow Pitch Corner

Here are the standings, week 7 scores, week 7 home runs and this week’s schedule for the Mike Kolos Memorial Sunday Slow Pitch Softball League, at Betts Park:


B Division

Accent Staffing 11-2

Moose Lodge 109/Hometown Bar 10-2

Ace Hardware 9-3

Choice Hawks 10-4

Wendy’s Cafe/Dependable Sealing 8-5

Jose 360 7-6

Lictus Oilers 7-6

A&M Well Service 5-7

New York Style Deli 3-10

Results Rehab Catfish 2-10

Koebley Collision 2-10

Interlectric 2-11

C Division

Northwest Services 13-1

Double D’s 11-3

Results Rehab & Fitness (Watson) 9-5

Midtown Motors 8-6

Backwoods Welding 8-6

Sheffield VFW 7-7

Fat Daddies 4-10

Penley’s Paintball Playground 3-11

Superior Tire 0-14

Week 6 results: Sheffield VFW 7, Backwoods Welding 6; Penley’s 18, Results Rehab Watson 7; Lictus 11, NY Style Deli 9; Northwest Services 27, Fat Daddies 7; Fat Daddies def. Superior Tire via forfeit; Northwest Services def. Superior Tire via forfeit; Backwoods 15, Midtown Motors 11; Midtown Motors 8, Sheffield VFW 6; Choice 6, Wendy’s Cafe 4; Choice def. Jose 360 via forfeit; Accent Staffing 12, Interlectric 2; Double D’s 17, Results Rehab Watson 12; Double D’s 15, Penley’s 7;

Missing/Not reported to WTO: Ace Hardware vs. Accent Staffing (6-30); A&M Well vs. Results Rehab Catfish (6-30); Interlectric vs. Koebley Collision (6-30); NY Style Deli vs. Wendy’s Cafe (6-30); Lictus vs. Moose Lodge (6-30); Results Rehab Catfish vs. Koebley (6-30); Jose 360 vs. A&M Well (6-30); Moose vs. Ace Hardware (6-30)

Week 7 home runs

Penley’s: J. Blauser 1, A. Muntz 1, T. Winans 1

Results Rehab Watson: Robbie Bero 2, Joe Hannold 1, Matt Cook 1

Lictus: Kyle Rice 2, Robert Slava 1, A. Campbell 1

Northwest: Steve Vincent 1

Backwoods; Jordan Riel 3

Midtown: Dave Johnson 1

Wendy’s: Brad Zurcher 1

Choice: Craig Bennett 1, Ben Paul 1, Jay Kuzminski 1, Mark Crossley 1, Jon Hoffman 1

Interlectric: Rudy Meighan 1, Dave Stuart 1

Double D’s: Jim Guthrie 3, Zack Spinks 2, Kevin Richards 1

This week’s schedule (July 7)

9:00 Double D’s vs. Sheffield VFW, Betts; Backwoods Welding vs. Results Rehab Watson, Foley; Penley’s Paintball vs. Midtown Motors, Brown

10:15 Superior Tire vs. Double D’s, Betts; Northwest vs. Results Rehab Watson, Foley; Fat Daddies vs. Penley’s Paintball, Brown

11:30 Backwoods Welding vs. Superior Tire, Betts; Midtown Motors vs. Northwest, Foley; Sheffield VFW vs. Fat Daddies, Brown

12:45 NY Style Deli vs. Ace Hardware, Betts; Jose 360 vs. Lictus, Foley; Results Rehab Catfish vs. Interlectric, Brown

2:00 Ace Hardware vs. Choice, Betts; Accent Staffing vs. Morse, Foley; Wendy’s Cafe vs. A&M Well, Brown

3:15 Interlectric vs. Moose, Betts; Lictus vs. Results Rehab Catfish, Foley; Jose 360 vs. NY Style Deli, Brown

4:30 Moose vs. A&M Well, Betts; Morse vs. Choice, Foley; Accent Staffing vs. Wendy’s Cafe, Brown