Food service inspections released

Both the City of Warren and the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture have released the results of recent food service inspections.

The City of Warren completed six-month inspections at the following establishments.

Tim Hortons, 36 Pa. Ave., E., no violations.

Cronie’s Pub, 701 Pa. Ave. E., no violations.

YMCA, 2121 Lexington Ave., no violations.

Perkins, 115 Ludlow St., two critical violations – freezers not at proper cold holding temperature, uncovered food found in prep refrigerator.

Cornerstone Lounge, 208 Pa. Ave., E., two critical violations – hot holding table not at proper temperature, thawed chicken found in prep area at only 55 degrees Farenheit.

The Department of Agriculture released the results of the following inspections in Warren County conducted in June.

S&J Olson, LLC, 22 Leather St., Sheffield, one violation -thermometers for ensuring proper food temperatures are not calibrated and/or functioning properly. The air gauge thermometer in the sandwich prep unit had an air temperature reading of 62*F, ambient air temperature of the unit was 40*F. Thermometer to be repaired/replaced.