Abortion laws

Dear editor:

Why do our legislators march so determinedly back toward the Middle Ages? Senator Scarnati and Representative Rapp should blush at their recent anti-choice votes.

Do you want to cut down drastically on abortions? Follow the actions of a number of other countries: First make contraceptives freely available. Second, remove all restrictions on abortion through the second trimester. Third, implement accurate, age-appropriate sex instruction through age 16.

Every country using these procedures has seen a steep drop in the number of abortions – even into single-digit percentages of the records that preceded such measures. (Check the health records and reproductive health policies of countries of your choice on the Internet.)

Legislating against abortion does not prevent it; abortion is simply forced underground, where the situation becomes worse. For heaven’s sake, let’s have some common sense on the issue. Trying to put bonnets on zygotes is not helpful.


Karen L. Black