Witness: Accident was waiting to happen

A tractor trailer accident in front of the new Sheetz in North Warren sent one person to the hospital and shut down traffic in the southbound lane of Route 62 for nearly 20 minutes on Tuesday.

A JMD Company tractor trailer from State College was heading south and attempting to turn into the first entrance at Sheetz on Route 62 just after the intersection with Jackson Run Road when it collided with a red SUV that was in the right-hand lane, a witness said.

A passenger in the back seat on the driver’s side of the vehicle was taken from the scene in an ambulance.

“From the looks of it, it looked like he had his signal on to me. You know how they have to turn wide to get in and that person wasn’t paying attention, I don’t why they didn’t see it,” said Jay Pratz, owner of J’z Texas Hot’z. “The truck was in the left lane…he was getting ready to turn into the Sheetz there and veered out to go in and this one (red SUV) looked like they tried sneaking in on the right side. Crunched him.”

Pratz said there has been a notable increase in the volume of traffic and near accidents at the intersection of Route 62 and Jacks Run Road near Sheetz since it opened last week.

“It’s horrid out here. They really didn’t think this through,” said Pratz. “Numerous, every day, every single day. We’ve even seen a couple rubs where the cops didn’t get called. It’s going to be bad out there, it really is. I think they need a light here, personally, or just median it here the whole way down so there’s no access.”

Vehicles heading north on Market Street Ext. have been stopping before the raised median begins and crossing into oncoming traffic to enter Sheetz at the farthest southbound entrance.

“Instead of turning left onto Vine they act like they can just go right up in,” he said. “Numerous times already. I feel bad for the North Warren (Volunteer Fire) Department because they’re all volunteer and they’re going to be some busy guys.”

“It is congested, yeah, everything’s all together here and we’re used to a rural community. It’s going to be a different lifestyle for us in this area,” a North Warren resident said. “It’s a sign of things.”

North Warren Volunteer Fire Department, the City of Warren Fire Department ambulance and Conewango Township Police responded to the scene.