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Dear editor,

What happened to the pole and light that was there? We sat threw three or four red lights on Market, because people were blocking the intersection in line for your great stop sign. Yes, whom ever studied the traffic had to be up in their sleep. Warren has sure went down hill since becoming a big city. Ha ha – all a big joke.

Julia Larson


Dear Editor,

We were sitting on our front porch the evening of June 22, 2013. A young man walking by with 100lbs of National Guard supplys and his helmet. 89 degrees in the evening and carrying his supplys.

My husband said we are so proud of you. He replied thank you and walked back. He was home on leave and his mother made him leave her car on the Warren bi-pass.

Our hearts sank – and so sad for him. He said I have a cousin in Warren that I can stay with. Where is the love and compassion gone for our guys in all branches of the service?


Denny and Mary Schmader

P.S. Forever etched in our minds.