Our opinion: Cleaning up after

Litter following any large parade is fairly inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

There have been some occasions in the past when Pennsylvania Avenue, with some exaggeration, looked more like a landfill than the main thoroughfare of the City of Warren.

Over the past couple years, volunteer groups have scoured the parade route after the festivities, filling enough bags with trash to fill a full-size packer. We salute them.

This year, Whirley Drinkworks! will distribute biodegradable bags along the parade route, in the hopes that they will be used by parade watchers to make the final cleanup much easier and quicker. And, we salute Whirley in advance for a great idea.

The Warren Fourth of July festivities are a day-long party stretching from downtown to Betts Park. You might think of it as a traditional summer get-together with friends, relatives and neighbors, just bigger. If you go to someone else’s backyard for a party, you don’t leave a mess; the polite thing to do is help with the cleanup.

It should be no different with the Fourth of July celebrations in Warren.

Sure, we have a city Department of Public Works that tries to keep things tidy, but we should also have residents with some pride of place and visitors who respect other peoples’ property.

If everyone cleaned up their own space on the route, using either Whirley’s bags or some container of their own, we could all be just as proud of our hometown after the parade as before or during.

It only takes a couple minutes, a tiny price to pay for a good time and a clean city.