Spaced out

According to Sue Baldensperger with the Warren Forest Hi-Ed Council’s Space Exploration Camp Program, “The Space-ex camp is sponsored by the school to work partnership. Warren – Forest Hi-Ed Counsel. The first three days of camp were dedicated to completing experiments and team building activities to be prepared for the mission. The mission goal was to rendezvous with Comet Halley and collect gases from the tail of the comet. The fourth day was spent at the Challenger Learning Center in Olean, NY. The campers were successful in completing all parts of the mission.”

Campers, shown at the Olean center, include (front L to R) Douglas Marven, Jacob McKissock, Mattie Baldensperger, Sarah Inman, Tommy Rice, (middle L to R) Brendan Shorts, Joey Lucia, John Rice, Paul Cappello, Josh Chimenti and Jacob Sorenson, (back L to R) Demetri Saucier, Michael Rowan, Haley Justice and Mabrukhe Tagba. Also shown are (back L to R) Commanders Mosier, McQueen and Bushnell.