Set-up Time

After years of having chairs lining the streets of Warren for a month prior to the Fourth of July Parade, the city had a neater than usual appearance through Monday.

A new city policy prohibits people from putting out chairs on public property more than 72 hours in advance of the parade.

There were reports that some people interpreted the 72-hour limit as three days prior to the day of the parade. Numerous chairs were set up, mostly between Hickory and Hazel streets on Pennsylvania Avenue, before 11 a.m. Monday.

“I don’t think people put out all these chairs in the last seven minutes,” Dan Case of Youngsville said at 11:07 as he set out two of his own on the south side of Pennsylvania Avenue across from Kelly’s Pub.

Case has missed some parades in the last 49 years, some of them due to service in the U.S. Navy, but has been putting out chairs in advance for six.

The new rule is a good one, he said. “I like it. Last year, you drove down through here and it was a mess for over a month.”

He said he saw a mowing crew having to waste time moving chairs to the street then back to the grass. “They shouldn’t have to do that,” Case said.

Sam Dominelli of Warren is another long-time veteran of the parade.

As he was setting up a chair Monday Dominelli said he’s been coming to the parade for nearly 50 years.

In past years, “if you wanted a spot you had to get here early,” he said. “Every year it got worse and worse.”

“To my knowledge there were no chairs out early before this morning,” City of Warren Department of Public Works Director Mike Holtz said Monday. “This was a good thing.”

Parking and traffic

Signs are out notifying people that they may not park along the parade route and in the staging areas from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Thursday, July 4.

Those were placed more than 72 hours in advance in accordance with the city’s new event procedure, according to City of Warren Police Sgt. Brandon Deppen.

Traffic will be restricted in the staging area starting at 8 a.m. Thursday. Parade units will register at the Warren YMCA and organize along Lexington Avenue and between Pennsylvania and Lexington on Conewango Avenue and Oak, Elm, Cedar, Linwood, and Carver streets. The parade route runs from Carver to Laurel. Cars parked along the parade route after 6 a.m. Thursday will be ticketed and towed, Deppen said.

City police will shut down the parade route to all traffic starting at 10:30 Thursday.

At that time, police and Warren County fire police will direct through traffic along detours.

All truck traffic from Route 6 to points north will take the Ludlow Street exit and follow Pennsylvania to Chestnut Street to Fourth Avenue to Market Street. The reverse applies to truck traffic from the north.

Passenger vehicle traffic will follow the same route to and from the west. Traffic to and from the east will take Pennsylvania, South Street, Madison Avenue, Buchanan Street, Jackson Avenue, and Conewango.