200 Reasons To Celebrate

By ten o’clock Saturday morning, it looked like the Youngsville Bicentennial parade was going to be a washout.

Then the Youngsville High School Marching Eagles struck up the band, and the rain stopped as though someone had turned off a spigot.

Some attributed that to several church floats in the parade, and others said it was tradition. Fifty years ago it rained for Youngsville’s sesquicentennial parade.

When the parade ended, the rain returned, although it was light enough not to dampen the spirit of the celebration at Island Park. Vendors provided hot dogs, sausage sandwiches, ice cream, popcorn, sodas and more.

One young girl wore a hand-sewn dress worn by a relative for the 1963 sesquicentennial festivities, and Mayor Jim Farr was dressed in tails and a top hat, befitting the 1903 centennial.

In a brief ceremony after lunch, Phyllis Wolfe, bicentennial chairwoman, thanked the committee and Youngsville Borough Council. She spoke of the reasons for the bicentennial, “We revisit our roots, teach the new generation our history… reminisce and look to the future,” she said.

Farr said, “It’s been 200 years of success, 200 years of hardship. If not for founder Matthew Young and Mr. (General William) Irvine, Youngsville would not be what it is today.”

He emphasized that it also wouldn’t be as successful without the efforts of today’s residents.

Wendy Nickerson, an outreach specialist with the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs, presented Farr with an anniversary plaque and wished Youngsville a happy birthday.

Rich Bimber read a proclamation from State Rep. Kathy Rapp, noting that she was “under lock-down in Harrisburg, tied up with the state budget negotiations.”

Results from the parade judges named the Youngsville High School Marching Band as the best band; the Free Methodist Church took second place.

In the float division, the Rouse float received first place, Youngsville Ecumenical United Methodist Church second, First United Methodist Church third and the Youngsville Recreation Commission float received an honorable mention.