Sports Briefly… 06/27/13

Valley softball

Park Ave. Motor Car improved to 4-0 overall with two Valley Girls Slowpitch Softball League wins on Monday at Betts Park.

Emma West, Cassie Mason and Mallory Myers were each 3-for-3 in a 17-4 win over Seneca Home Health.

In a 24-6 win over Allegheny Cyclery, Corrie Bednez had a double, triple and homer, and Mason homered twice, for Park Ave.

Seneca Home Health 000 22 – 4

Park Ave. Motor Car 504 8 – 17

2b-Emma West (P), Mallory Myers (P), Cyndie Page (P), Emma, Cassier Mason Mallorie 3-3. WP-Kellie McClement.

Allegheny Cyclery 202 02 – 6

Park Ave. Motor Car 44(11) 5 – 24

2b-Mel Jones (A), Gina O’Neil (A), Missy Snyder (P), Alicia Corey (P), Amber Fox (P), Cyndie Page (P), Emma West (P) 2, Kellie McClement (P), Corrie Bednez (P). 3b-Bednez (P). HR-Bednez (P), Page (P), Cassie Mason (P) 2, Meghan Stanton (P). WP-McClement. LP-Mel Jones.

Golf results

Margie Cerra had low gross of 42 and low net of 29 in Thursday Night Ladies Golf League play at Jackson Valley Golf Club. Here are the flight-by-flight results from the round:

First Flight: Low gross- Louise Swartz 43, Kristy Zavinski 46, Julie Moyer 49; Low net- Kristy Zavinski 36, Louise Swartz 36, Julie Moyer 37

Second Flight: Low gross- Margie Cerra 42, Debbie Ishman 54, Kathy Weber 54; Low net- Margie Cerra 29, Rosann Paul 37, Diana Haslett 37

Third Flight: Low gross- Susie Spangler 53, Sue Shields 53, Marcy Anderson 54; Low net- Susie Spangler 33, Sue Shields 33, Marcy Anderson 34

Sharon Birtcil, Barb Hill, Nicole McClement, Deb Niederriter and Sue Shea all had low gross of 47 and Kim McClement had low net of 32 in Blueberry Ladies Golf League play, Tuesday, at Blueberry Hill Golf Club. Here are the flight-by-flight results from the round:

First Flight: Low gross- Sharon Birtcil 47, Barb Hill 47, Deb Niederriter 47, Sue Shea 47, Sandy Wilks 48; Low net- Sue Shea 36, Deb Niederriter 37

Second Flight: Low gross- Nicole McClement 7, Diedra Swanson 52; Low net- Nicole McClement 34, Diedra Swanson 38

Third Flight: Low gross- Lee Spangler 53, Danell Sowers 54; Low net- Danell Sowers 35, Lee Spangler 37

Fourth Flight: Low gross- Tracie Gray 59, Tricia Kubas 62; Low net- Tracie Gray 39, Tricia Kubas 42

Fifth Flight: Low gross- Betsy Foley 61, Kim McClement 62; Low net- Kim McClement 32, Betsy Foley 38

No Handicap: Low gross- Sharon Brady 55, Kathy Blackman 61


In the photo for the Jason P. Himes Memorial Golf Tournament published in Wednesday’s Times Observer, Tracie Gray Realty was listed as one of the supporters of the event. It should have correctly read Tracie Gray Realtor.