Our opinion: A hometown

Some of the simplest words in the English language are among the most profound: Love, hate, home.

Each of them conjure strong emotions. The first two elicit the polar opposites of the soul. The third provides comfort, dependability, warmth, safety and loyalty.

The residents of Youngsville will be celebrating all those attributes of their hometown this weekend, as well as history and tradition.

Youngsville, the “Biggest Little Town on the Map,” is celebrating its 200th birthday with a parade, a festival, song and a neighborhood spirit that has transcended challenge and hardship. In fact, hardship and challenge has only made that spirit stronger.

One has to wonder if those who were living along the banks of the Brokenstraw in 1813 imagined the Youngsville of 2013. More than likely, they were thinking about more immediate things, like growing, gathering and storing enough food to get them to 1814. That handful of people faced daily challenges difficult for us to imagine today. They could have remained in the long established towns and cities, but chose instead to establish roots of their own in a place they could call their own.

Thanks to their determination, their pluck, Youngsville remains a close-knit community today, proud of what it is and proud of its past.

Youngsville is having a birthday party this weekend, and everyone is invited.