WCSD near top in state funding

The Warren County School District (WCSD) is slated to receive one of the highest state funding allocations for the 2013-14 school year, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

A list of proposed funding allocations available on the department’s website shows that the WCSD is to receive $24,145,859 in basic education funding for the upcoming school year. That figure ranks as the 19th highest in the state.

The district estimates it will also receive approximately $13.2 million from other state-level funding sources.

“They are 21st from the top, I think (in total state funding), in terms of how much money they’re receiving,” State Rep. Kathy Rapp said in a recent conversation about another issue. “They are receiving a little more this year. So they will be able to calculate that in.”

The district’s final budget for this year was formulated with the $24,145,859 figure in place.

If WCSD receives the proposed amount, it constitutes around 35 percent of funding for the district’s approximately $68 million budget, which was approved on June 19. Total state funding constitutes 55.3 percent of the final budget.

“I am pleased to say, a couple of years ago, they were 18th from the top” Rapp added. “Last year, I think, they were 25th and this year 21st.”

The district budget also includes federal funding amounting to $2,728,583 and local funding totaling $27,462,366.

Final state allocations will be determined when the state budget is passed, ideally by June 30 when the state fiscal year ends.

A state budget has not been passed yet this year as the deadline approaches this Sunday.