Hill & Dale Garden Club hosts garden therapy

The Hill & Dale Garden Club met recently at Hearts Content.

Mary Lou VanDorn led the Pledge of Allegiance and led devotions from Mother Theresa. Participants took a dish to share. The committee included Louise Morgan, Lynn Allen, Lila Myer, Ruth Ann Devore and Mary Lou VanDorn. Minutes and a treasurer’s report were read by Peg Stino.

Becky Brown reported they got Sugar Grove Park cleaned out with the help of Boy Scouts. The Miles Marker was cleaned out and four geraniums were planted and mulched. Mulch was donated by Wilcox Bros. The Northern Area Homes planting was done May 21 with geraniums, marigolds and mulch. Rouse flower therapy was held May 20 with several members helping making arrangements for approximately 25 Rouse residents, who enjoyed it.

The annual flower show was planned for June 26 (details were announced in briefs Monday).

The next meeting will be a picnic with Warren Garden Club at the park in Sugar Grove at 12:30 p.m. Aug. 15. Cost will be $12 per person, and Hill & Dale members are to make the desserts.

Mary Lou reported the 2015 state meeting will be held in Erie. She is hoping some of our members will be able to attend. Kent Wilcox had asked if garden club members would plant his little garden at the end of the block that he recently put in by Wilcox Bros. A member will check into perennial plants to put there. Becky Brown made up a map of types of flowers and where to place them. He will donate to the club to help defray costs.

The speaker was April Moore who gave a talk on Hearts Content and Virgin Forest and then many members walked the trail while she told them about the history of this beautiful preserved forest.