Dog rescued from enclosed hot car

Warren City police and Warren County Humane Society staff were called to Crescent Park on Monday for a dog left in a car.

Humane Officer Karen Kolos said the Bichon Frise had been in the vehicle for at least an hour when someone at Crescent Playground called the police. Kolos said when the police had to leave for another call, she and Humane Officer Tera Darts tried to get water into the car, and finally managed to roll down the window to extricate the animal.

Using a infrared thermometer gun, Darts was able to detemine the interior temperature of the vehicle to be 112.3 degrees, even with the window rolled down several inches.

Kolos said the dog was taken to Paws Along the River where it was treated with a cool water bath to bring down its temperature.

The owner claimed the dog, and took it to a veterinarian in Corry, where she lives.

Kolos said the dog’s temperature was 104 degrees, which is two or three degrees above normal, and the animal was in the car for at least one hour and 40 minutes before it was rescued.