Camp Days

Scout camp has opened for the oldest council in Boy Scouts of America.

From Sunday through Friday, about 150 local scouts will be spending their nights and days in the 500 acres of woodlands at Camp Olmsted along the Allegheny Reservoir. The Chief Cornplanter Council is celebrating its 100th year.

The focus of the camp is on merit badges. More than 40 badges are available at camp, from emergency preparedness, fish and wildlife management, first aid, and fire safety, to aviation, electricity, leatherwork, and archaeology.

Scout generally earn three or four merit badges during the week of camp, but some learn many more. Many of the merit badge courses are taught through the week in 90-minute periods.

Thanks to the presence of the reservoir, badges including canoeing, kayaking, lifesaving, sailing, swimming, and others.

The aviation badge was offered for only the third time to local scouts.

The Field Sports area isolates scouts participating in archery, and shotgun and rifle shooting.

A 35-foot tower provides the facility for scouts in the climbing program.

In scoutcraft, scouts learn the basics of scouting, from building fires to tying knots. Many first-year scouts join the Cornplanter Braves and earn their way to first class scout at the Scout Skills Center.

That center, the scoutcraft area, is dedicated to the memory of the Rev. Dan Wolboldt, who joined the Boy Scouts in 1954, earned the rank of Eagle Scout, was scoutmaster of North Warren Troop 13, and had been a fixture at the scoutcraft area for many years, until his death in April. Among many awards through his lifetime of scouting, Wolboldt was named one of the top 56 Scoutmasters in the nation in March.