Video clears TAWC

Placing cameras on the Transit Authority of Warren County buses has proven to be a wise decision.

TAWC Director John Aldrich said that a fixed-route bus was involved in an incident at the intersection of Conewango Ave. and Fifth Ave. where someone traveling on Fifth ran a red light and hit a bus, cracking the rack on the front.

He said that no one was hurt and that the other vehicle was towed but the other driver claimed that the TAWC driver was at fault.

“The camera showed everything,” Aldrich said, noting that police reviewed the footage and determined the accident was not the fault of the TAWC driver.

Noting that camera footage has exonerated TAWC in two prior incidents, Aldrich said that “every time so far we have proven to have the professional driver and (be) in the right.”

As for this particular incident, Aldrich said that the Authority will seek to obtain a new bus rack through the insurance process.

In other news, Aldrich said that a meeting of all local municipalities who contribute to the local match requirement for the fixed route system will likely take place in August or September. He said that he consulted some municipal officials who recommended that time window as it would occur before municipalities dig too far into the budget process for next year.

Aldrich also explained that the Warren County Commissioners would like to hold a transportation forum. He noted that some local social service agencies are spending money on transportation “that could be done by us.” He said the goal would be cost savings through collaboration.

With only 10 days remaining in the fiscal year, Aldrich added that TAWC will be “close” on the shared-ride budget. “(We) will watch expenses through the month he said,” he said, indicating that he would be talking to PennDOT about a possible fare increase for the program if the budget is too tight.