Celebrating Success

Targeted Pet Treats of Warren unveiled a new logo and celebrated the company’s growth with employees Thursday afternoon.

The company, which began making injection molded dog treats, started as a joint venture between Ainsworth Pet Nutrition and Moldsmiths with just three presses and six people at 1000 Pennsylvania Ave. W., the old Struthers Wells building in 2000. The company out-grew the facility and moved to Struthers Street in 2005 and in the past year has grown from 75 to more than 180 employees.

“We’ve had our ups and downs, but we’re having a really great year,” Targeted Pet Treats President Rhonda Sisson said. “Today we’re celebrating success and our growth.”

Sisson credits the growth of the company to the employees and the injection molding process for attracting new customers and product lines.

“It’s probably some of the most innovative injection molded snacks in the category,” Sisson said. “We’ve taken a process they make plastic parts with and have developed a way to injection mold one hundred percent food.”

An American flag and a new company flag were hoisted on a new flag pole outside the building on Thursday. Employees will vote on a new sign on the building that will incorporate the new logo.

“There’s very few people that injection mold food,” said Sisson. “We’ve just had phenomenal growth with some of our customers…a lot of new customers, a lot of new product lines.”