Dear editor:

Ok, so PennDOT says a traffic light at Pennsylvania Avenue and Liberty Street is not needed.

Personally, I disagree, but PennDOT and especially the city could care less what my opinion or anybody else’s opinion is; they seem pretty bent on keeping the four-way stop.

Apparently, the brain childs at PennDOT and the city have not driven through there at rush hour. I guess they try to avoid the area like I do because of what a mess it is.

What I don’t understand though, why a four-way stop? I’m guessing the traffic study showed that the bulk of the traffic going through that intersection is through traffic on Pennsylvania Avenue, not Liberty Street. So if they refuse to put the light back, why not a two-way stop, with stop signs posted on Liberty Street? You know, like every other intersection on Pennsylvania Avenue not controlled by a traffic light.

Oh yeah, that might make sense. But that would be a safety issue for the huge number of pedestrians that cross Pennsylvania Avenue. But the light would solve that.

Too bad pedestrians, your safety would cost too much. I wonder who did this traffic study? Perhaps PennDOT hired the guy from Washington that inspected the bridge that just collapsed. I am not hoping for an accident there, but when it happens, I hope both PennDOT and the City get sued.

Mark Cumberland