Drilling Fees Fall Off

Local government reports on how Act 13 unconventional well impact fees from 2011 activities have been used were due in April and are now available through the Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission’s website.

Reports are required to be filed by municipalities that received disbursements from the state’s unconventional gas well fund and must outline which of a limited number of uses allowed under Act 13 the funds were put to.

The vast majority of Warren County municipalities used the funds for, “construction, reconstruction, maintenance and repair of roadways, bridges and public infrastructure.”

Fifteen municipalities used a total of $16,222.91 under this category. Municipalities and their respective disbursements include;

Cherry Grove Township – $93.13

Columbus Township – $434.98

Eldred Township – $611.39

Elk Township – $126.93

Farmington Township – $882.78

Limestone Township – $86.70

Mead Township – $178.32

Pine Grove Township – $365.07

Pittsfield Township – $9,778.67

Sheffield Township – $681.24

Spring Creek Township – $834.60

Sugar Grove Borough – $61.36

Sugar Grove Township – $1,038.93

City of Warren – $960.04

Watson Township – $88.77

Five municipalities reported putting $2,092.06 in total funds into their capital reserve accounts for future usage towards things allowed under Act 13 including;

Conewango Township – $1,306.85

Deerfield Township – $344.48

Pleasant Township – $765.78

Tidioute Borough – $76.59

Triumph Township – $408.36

Two municipalities reported using $1,152.61 total funds toward water, storm water and sewer systems including;

Freehold Township – $870.63

Glade Township – $281.98

Youngsville Borough used $513.99 toward emergency preparedness and public safety.

Brokenstraw Township reported receiving $10,008.38 in impact fee funds, but reported using none of it.

Warren County itself reported using $17,651.21 toward tax reduction.

Three municipalities reports were not listed by the utilities commission but did receive funds according to the website, including;

Bear Lake – $19.94

Clarendon Borough – $44.98

Southwest Township – $514.64

Further information on the impact fee, disbursement and usages, including an interactive tool can be found by visiting www.puc.state.pa.us/filing_resources/issues_laws_regulations/act_13_impact_fee_.aspx