In a battle of great plays at shortstop in Boys Training, Tommy Nyquist started a triple play for Results Rehab and Kael Hunt added his own triple play for Ron Wonderling Excavating in the final inning on Monday in Youngsville.

That wasn’t it for the defense and hitting between these two teams.

Tim Koebley had an outfield assist for Ron Wonderling in a game which combined for nine extra base hits, including a three-run triple by Jeremyah Aiken.

Boys Training

Jim Huff Auto Sales played Cochran & Zandi. 2b-Alex Richards (C), Tony Richards (C), Matt Lobdell (C), Chris Joblon (C), Alex Eaton (C), Brady O’Donnell (C). HR-Zane Hawk (C), Johnny Palmieri (J), grand slam, Zachary Jerman (J), grand slam, Cole Kelly (J), grand slam, Carson Chase (J), grand slam, Michael Vanatta (J), grand slam.

Results Rehab played Ron Wonderling Excavating. 2b-Tommy Nyquist (R) 2, James Tridico (R) 2, Bradley Pierce (Re), Caden McCune (Re), Eric Dippold (Ro), Micah Mocney (Ro). 3b-Jeremyah Aiken (Ro).

Girls Training

Active Lives Chiropractic played P.G.E. 2b-Katie Beyer (A).