Board tours district library office in Warren

The Warren Public Library board of directors toured the Seneca District Office in the library Monday afternoon. The office is located on the second floor of the library.

Kelli Knapp, Seneca District consultant librarian, said, “The district is one of 29 in the state and has 17 libraries in five counties including Warren, Forest, Elk, Cameron and McKean.” The office works closely with three other regional districts. She noted that all the other libraries are quite a bit smaller than Warren, with some having just one or two employees.

Even though they have smaller staffs, they are still subject to the same reporting requirements as larger libraries, and it is part of her job to review and coordinate annual reports, she added. The office also provides reference information, inter-library loan support and houses a professional librarian collection for questions other libraries might have.

Knapp said she spoke with the state librarian in Harrisburg about the district having “distance issues,” with such a widespread area. She said the librarian has proposed a pilot program starting with the Seneca District for a web-based meeting with all 17 libraries on a monthly basis,

In other business, Patricia Sherbondy presented the director’s report. She said, “There are serious issues with the roof. The newest part of the roof was repaired in 1985. There are leaks in the old part of the roof and it is time to address that.”

She reported that the 2013 audit will cost $8,500, the same as last year’s. Board member John Eggleston asked if the bench in front of the library will be replaced, and Sherbondy replied, “Yes, it will be redone.”

Pat Evans nominated Annette Drummond to replace Keith Kirsch as treasurer, as Kirsch is no longer on the board and the motion passed unanimously, as did a motion by Ruth Myers to change the bank signature cards to reflect the outgoing and incoming board members.

Sherbondy said that Cynthia David, a former Warren resident who is now living in Amherst, New Hampshire is donating an oil painting of the old Warren train station to hang in the library.

The next meeting will be held on August 12.