Hunting licenses are now on sale

Hunting licenses for 2013-2014 are on sale now.

The prices for a regular hunting license are $6.70 for junior, $13.70 for senior, and $20.70 for adult ages 17 through 64.

Those licenses entitle hunters to take part in small game, turkey, and buck seasons.

Pre-season sales, from June 10 through July 5, include the land-owner license for $4.70. “If you have 50 acres or more of contiguous acreage, you can get a land-owner doe license,” Warren County Treasurer Denny Munksgard said. While those land-owners do not have to enter the lottery for an antlerless license, there is a deadline. Those who do not purchase a land-owner license by July 5 will not receive any special benefit.

The land must be kept open to hunting year-round to qualify.

Hunters who buy regular Pennsylvania resident hunting licenses will receive several applications including antlerless deer license.

Antlerless license applications must be mailed in the provided pink envelope to a county treasurer for processing.

“You go buy your license, you get an application with that, you put it in the mail,” Munksgard said. “They have to be delivered to a county treasurer via the U.S. Postal Service.”

Payment in the amount of $6.70 must accompany each resident antlerless application and only personal checks and money orders are acceptable. Bad checks will result in voided licenses and significant financial penalties, Munksgard said.

“We’ll start processing them on July 8,” he said.

Pennsylvania residents have about three weeks to apply for antlerless permits before non-residents can get in on the action.

“Non-resident antlerless deer application will be processed starting Monday, July 29,” Munksgard said. Those cost $26.70.

In the Wildlife Management Units (WMUs) in Warren County – 1B and 2F – hunters may have no more than three antlerless tags. There are 31,000 tags allocated this year for 1B and 29,000 for 2F.

Licenses in the Warren County WMUs generally sell out as quickly as any other in the state, Munksgard said. “Those two were the first to sell out last year.” But there are usually some left after a week of non-resident applications.

If some are still available, they will go through more lotteries and some hunters will receive second and possibly third doe tags. “Monday, Aug. 5 is the first round of unsold antlerless tags,” Munksgard said. “Monday, Aug. 19 is the second round of unsold antlerless tags.”

There are three WMUs in the state that allow hunters to apply for more than three. One of those is near Pittsburgh and the others are around Philadelphia.

Antlerless licenses will not be mailed out until September. Those who would like to know earlier than that if they have been awarded a license may check online at

An add-on resident archery license costs $16.70 and muzzleloader is $11.70.

Resident licenses for military personnel, national guard and reserves, and prisoner of war licenses cost $2.70.

As in previous years, Munksgard will make arrangements with active duty military personnel who will be home on leave during hunting season.

“What I will do again this year is make arrangements for active military to get their licenses and antlerless permits on the Saturday or Sunday prior to opening day,” Munksgard said. “This is a tradition that’s gone on in Warren for years that I’m continuing.”

“I will make arrangements to meet them to obtain their licenses,” he said. “They can contact me via phone – 814-728-3415 – or via email –”

Active military personnel automatically qualify for antlerless licenses even if the tags are otherwise sold out.