Now, Board Faced With A Decision

With the focus group process complete in the search for the next Warren County School District superintendent, the board is left with some work to do and decisions to make.

According to Board President Arthur Stewart, that work will be happening quickly.

“PSBA (Pennsylvania School Board Association) advises, and our own experience confirms, that superintendents are in high demand,” Stewart said on Friday. “Compounding that situation there are certain qualities our district is looking for – such as experience and the other qualities identified in this search process.”

Focus groups that included members of administration, teaching and support staffs, and members of the community met with Dr. William Clark on Thursday, the only candidate of 10 initially interviewed and reviewed by the board that was put forth for a second round of interviews.

With the search narrowed to Dr. Clark, Stewart said that “if he is the right candidate we will have to move quickly.”

The board met in executive session on Thursday night until 10:30 p.m., a meeting that, according to Stewart, “included a long interview with the candidate, review of all the notes from the focus groups and consultation with PSBA.”

He noted that the board continued the discussion in an executive session held on Saturday morning.

Dr. Clark has approximately eight years of superintendent experience with two of those years as the superintendent of Manhiem Central School District and the preceding six at the Milton Area School District.