Pushin’ Air

When the Warren Skate Park opened in 2010, those who brought the vision to a reality hoped it would provide an outlet for young people in the community.

For four summers, it has done just that.

Friday afternoon there were four young men using their stunt scooters at the park.

“It’s nice to have,” Conner Ristau said. “It’s a great day to ride.”

Asked how often they would be using the park, Jake Morgan said, “every single day.”

Ristau did specify that their use of the park would be weather dependent. “Any day that it’s nice.”

In the interest of safety, the park is closed to use during and after rain.

“When it’s wet, it’s dangerous,” City of Warren Director of Public Works Mike Holtz said.

The park has seen a few minor repairs over four years. “I was down there about a week ago,” Holtz said. “There were some minor maintenance issues.”

The manufacturer, American Ramp Company, will handle those repairs. “They’ll come up and perform that work.”

The facility has a coin-operated light system and is open until 11 p.m.

Aside from vandalism of the coin box last year, the skate park has been relatively free of problems. “The equipment has held up pretty well,” Holtz said.

“The kids do use it quite a bit,” he said. “It’s worked out well.”