Sports Briefly… 06/14/13

Rec softball

Cody Vincent and The Bucket came roaring back to beat defending league champ Fralick Chiropractic, 9-8, on Wednesday in the Richard T. Betts Rec Modified Softball League at Betts Park.

Vincent hit a two-run home run in a four-run sixth and a three-run home run in a four-run seventh for The Bucket, which overcame a 5-1 deficit to take a 9-5 lead.

Fralick scored three times in the bottom of the seventh, but left the bases loaded to fall just short.

The Bucket’s Todd Rudolph added two hits, and Ben Lindquist, Josh Melquist and Adam had two hits each in a losing effort.

The Bucket 001 004 4 – 9 8

Fralick 401 000 3 – 8 11

2b-Todd Rudolph (T). Kyle Gray (F), Ben Lindquist (F), Ryan Fralick (F). Adam (F). HR-Josh Melquist (F), Adam Neubauer (T), Cody Vincent (T) 2. WP-Vincent. LP-Joe Conti.

Co-ed softball

Here are the standings, week 5 results, home run leaders and this week’s schedule for the Friday Night Co-ed Softball League, at Betts Park


Pellegrino Foods/Steamers 4-0

Crescent Beer/Jose 360 4-1

Results Rehab & Fitness 4-1

Wendy’s Cafe/Grumpy’s 4-1

Cornerstone/West End Take Out 3-2

Curtis Contracting Catfish 1-3

Lewis Funeral Home 1-3

West Hickory Sportsmans Bar 1-3

VanCise Hair 1-4

Picture Place 0-5

Week 5 results: Wendy’s Cafe 29, West Hickory 8; Pellegrino 32, Lewis Funeral 16; VanCise Hair 24, Picture Place 6; Results Rehab 19, Picture Place 12; Crescent Beer 25, VanCise Hair 13; Cornerstone 28, Curtis Contracting 13

Home run leaders: Doug Tripani (Crescent Beer/Jose 360) 9, Josh Watson (Results Rehab & Fitness) 5, Dave Stuart (Curtis Contracting Catfish) 4, Glenn Morse (Results Rehab & Fitness) 4, Kasey Smith (Cornerstone) 4, Ben Oviatt (Curtis Contracting) 4, TJ Latimer (Pellegrino) 4, Zach Spinks (VanCise) 4, John Hamm (VanCise) 4.

Week 6 schedule


6:30: DEL Funeral Home vs Cornerstone/West End Take-Out

7:45: West Hickory Sportsmans Bar v Picture Place

9:00: Curtis Contracting Catfish v DEL Funeral Home


6:30: Curtis Contracting Catfish vs VanCise Hair

7:45: Crescent Beer/JOSE360 v Wendy’s Cafe/Grumpy’s

9:00: Results Rehab & Fitness v Pellegrino Foods/Steamers

Golf results

Sharon Birtcil had the nine-hole low gross of 46, and Karen Bednar the low net of 33, this week in the Blueberry Ladies League at Blueberry Hill Golf Course.

Flight A: Gross-Sharon Birtcil 46, Barb Hill 47; net-Birtcil 38, Hill 38, Sue Shea 41, Margie Cerra 41

Flight B: Gross-Diedra Swanson 50, Kim Rapp 57; net-Swanson 35, Rapp 32

Flight C: Gross-Veronica Anderson 53, Kristen Plotner 55; net-Anderson 37, Debi Nosel 39, Danell Sowers 39, Plotner 39

Flight D: Gross-Tracie Gray 60, Kris Smith 62; net-Gray 40, Smith 41

Flight E: Gross-Karen Bednar 57, Kerry Pearson 64; net-Karen Bednar 33, Annie Creek 38

No-Handicap: Gross-Kathy Blackman 63, Judy Sadler 73

The team of Nate Perkins and John Albaugh had 38.5 points to finish first in the Fitch Disposal Scramble League at Cable Hollow Golf Club. Justin Norris and Terry Moldovan were second at 35, and Tim Shield and Rodney Korbar third at 34.

Bob Hunter and Mark Kulka and Terry Moldovan and Norris had the low gross of 34, and Bill Kulinski and Colby Clark and Craig Johnson and Bob Hamm the low net of 33.

The team of Rick Rohlin and Scott Pierson finished first with 32 points on Monday in the Cable Hollow Monday Scratch League. The team of Dale Martin and Al Ludwick finished second at 27. Rohlin and Pierson had the low gross of 33.

The team of Ross Williams and Archie Dudd finished first with 92.5 points on Tuesday in the Cable Hollow 2-Man League.

Chuck Hazeltine and Greg Senyo were second at 91.5 points, and Mike Anderson and Terry Anderson third at 88.5 points. Bob Hunter had low gross at 40, and Scott Nidiffer, Steve Darling and Justin Kell had low net at 33.

Sonia Probst had the low gross of 40, and Helen Adams the low net of 25, at the Cable Hollow Wednesday Evening Ladies League this week.

Scores: Sonia Probst 40, Paula Morris 45, Brenda Tarana 46, Bonnie Thorpe 48, Rosie Bortz 49, Sue Ferranto 49, Cindy Paulmier 49, Nancy Shattuck 49, Helen Adams 49, Melinda King 50, Bev Grobaski 51, Deb Sumner 52, Peggy Nason 52, Lori Lassen 53, Shirtley Pearson 54, Debbie Williams 54, Bonnie Reynolds 54, Judy Greyber 54, Blanch Swaney 55, Terry Ayers 55, Mary Mackey 55

Early Division Leaders: Peggy Nason, Melinda King 73.5 points

Late Division Leaders: Sonia Probst, Rosie Bortz 79 points

Most pars: Sonia Probst 4, Rosie Bortz 2, Lori Lassen 2, Nancy Shattuck 2