Warren City Police reported the following incidents:

Retail Theft. On June 4, Dennis Schmader, 39, of Warren, was cited for retail theft after an investigation of stolen merchandise totaling $16.58.

Right of Way. On June 4, Patrick Brown, 76, Warren, was cited for Right of Way of Pedestrians in Crosswalk after an accident where a pedestrian was struck.

Careless Driving. On June 5, Lori Burnside, 50, of Warren was cited for Careless Driving following a two-vehicle accident at Hemlock and Wiley St.

Careless Driving. On June 4, Shawna Brant, 36, Jamestown, was cited for Careless Driving following a two-vehicle accident at Pennsylvania and Hazel.

Driving on Roadways Laned for Traffic. On June 2, Michelle Snider, 49 of Warren was cited for Driving on Roadways Laned for Traffic after a one-vehicle accident on Pennsylvania Ave. East.

Bad Check. On May 30, Lindsay Campbell, 33 Warren, was charged with Bad Checks following an investigation by police.

Sexual Assault. On May 29, a juvenile was charged with Sexual Assault of Children, Child Pornography following an investigation by police.

Public Drunkenness. On June 6, Robert Heller, 36, Russell, was cited with Public Drunkenness after an officer observed him staggering down a sidewalk.

Disorderly Conduct. On June 1, Donald O’Keefe, 56, Warren was cited for Disorderly Conduct and Public Drunkenness after a report of a man staggering and falling several times.

Indecent Exposure. On May 29, a juvenile was charged with Indecent Exposure following a police investigation.

Theft. On June 6, Timothy Cruickshank, 45, Warren, was charged with Theft of Property, Lost, Mislaid, or Delivered, Theft by Unlawful Taking or Disposition, and Receiving Stolen property following a theft of a wallet that had been left behind by a customer at a local convenience store.

Harassment. On June 6, Brian Jasurek, 18 and Michael Sechrist, 39, both of Warren, were cited for Harassment after police were called to a physical fight at a residence in the city.

Possession. On June 7, James Noonan, 50, Kane was charged with Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (2 counts) & Public Drunkenness after officers were called to a man exhibiting bizarre behavior.

Disorderly Conduct. On June 9, Deborah Miles, 41, Warren, was charged with Disorderly Conduct & Public Drunkenness after several calls were received regarding a woman acting strangely while walking down the street.

Solicitation. On June 7, Nasrudin Ahmed, 36, Philadelphia; Thomas Carr, Jr., 20, Philadelphia; Vincent Doran, 22, Benesalem; Matthew Koenig, 26, Philadelphia; Mark Rosarion, 24, Philadelphia; and Patrick Sevick, 22, Bensalem, were all cited in violation of the City of Warren’s Solitation Ordinance following a complaint by a resident.

Possession of Drugs. Warren County Drug Task Force filed charges against Cassie Perrin, 25, of Youngsville. The charges stem from an arrest that was made in the city of Warren on Feb. 2, 2012 at which time Perrin had a controlled substance (Schedule III) in her possession that was not perscribed to her. Charges were filed with District Magistrate Carlson’s Office.


Drug Charges. Charles Sunderlin, 29, of Youngsville, has been charged with possession of marijuana, drug paraphernalia and possession of a controlled substance. Police filed charges after an arrest was made on Feb. 2, 2012 for a felony drug arrest warrant. He was in possession of a small amount of marijuana, a pipe, and a white powdery substance which tested positive for a schedule II controlled substance. Charges were filed by the Warren County Drug Task Force at District Magistrate Lindemuth’s Office.

Drug Charges. Joseph Kuzminski, 26, Youngsville, has been charged with six counts of drug paraphernalia, two counts of possession of a controlled substance, and one count of possession of marijuana stemming from an arrest that was made on Feb. 2, 2012. While agents from the Warren County Drug Task Force took Kuzminski into custody, he was found in possession of marijuana and a glass pipe with marijuana residue. After a search of his apartment, several other pipes, baggies, and pills were discovered. Charges have been filed with District Magistrate Lindemuth’s Office.