Warren’s District 10 champion 4X100 relay team of seniors Brooke Armanini and Sabrina Anderson, junior Casey Kulka and sophomore Amy Castagnino were the county’s lone all-District 10 team representative when girls track & field all-stars were released on Sunday.

The team broke through at the District 10 Class AAA Championships at Harbor Creek High School in May with a district winning run that sent all four athletes to the state meet at Shippensburg University. The foursome were also awarded Region 3 first-team status in that same event.

They weren’t alone.

Another five Lady Dragons individuals and all three relay teams were also named to the Region 3 first-team with another seven selections to the Region 3 second-team.

Sabrina Anderson, the District 10 Class AAA champion in the 100 hurdles, was named a first-team all-star in the event and senior Ellis Beardsley was a four-time first-team all-star. Individually, Beardsley was selected as a first teamer in the 1600 and 800. She was also a member of the first team 4X800 relay team with Anna Falvo, Sydney Paris and Paige Rimer and the first team 4X400 relay team with Valerie Latimer, Tori Paris and Rimer.

Latimer added a first-team selection in the 400, Kulka was a first-team pick in the 200 and Armanini was named the top long jumper in the region.

The second-team picks were nearly as numerous. Rimer was named second team in the 400 and 800, Anderson in the 300 hurdles and high jump, Kulka in the 100, sophomore Nikki Atkins in the shot put and freshman D.J. Hahn in the javelin. Hahn completed an outstanding first season with a runner-up finish in the jav at districts.

In Region 4, the Youngsville Lady Eagles and Eisenhower Lady Knights capped off fine seasons with a number of region all-star selections.

Youngsville boasted a total of five athletes who attained first-team status, including two picks each for Abbie Swartzbaugh and Piper Olsen. Swartzbaugh was a first-teamer in both the 100 and 300 hurdles and Olsen was the top runner in the 3200 and in the 4X800 relay with Kellie Lindstrom, Marissa Byler and Hannah Morris.

Eagles sophomore Mallory Eastman helped Youngsville make it a clean sweep in the hurdles events. After Swartzbaugh was named to the first-team in both events, Eastman followed as a second-teamer in both distances. Lindstrom, a senior, was second team in the 800.

The Lady Knights finished the year with two all-star selections – one first-team pick and one second-team pick.

The Knights’ 4X400 relay team of Taylor Talasky, Julia Bauer, Apprille Seamens and Bizz Baran was named to the first team and freshman high jumper Emily McJunkin was named to the second team.

Here are the District 10, Region 3 and Region 4 all-star selections for the recently completed 2013 season:

District 10 All-Stars

(Name, School, Year)

3200 relay: Villa Maria (Clark, Trucilla, Carson, Brown, Prichard)

100 hurdles: Heather Urbanik, Slippery Rock, 11

100: Rebakah Petty, Greenville, 11

1600: Bernadette Prichard, Villa Maria, 9

400: Bethany Evankovich, General McLane, 9

400 relay: Warren (Brooke Armanini, Amy Castagnino, Casey Kulka, Sabrina Anderson)

300 hurdles: Janette Berger, Mercer, 12

800: Claire Brown, Villa Maria, 9

200: Lauren Decker, Grove City, 12

3200: Bernadette Prichard, Villa Maria, 9

1600 relay: Grove City (Casalnova, Decker, Corbin, Lowe)

High jump: Courtney King, Lakeview, 12

Pole vault: Rebekah Petty, Greenville, 11

Long jump: Anna Chodubski, McDowell, 12

Triple jump: Anna Chodubski, McDowell, 12

Shot put: Sophia Fustos, Hickory, 11; Jaynee Corbett, Corry, 12

Discus: Samantha Black, Seneca, 12

Javelin: Rachel DeMaria, West Middlesex, 12

District 10 athlete of the year: Rebekah Petty, Greenville

Region 3 All-Stars

(Name, School, Year)

First Team

3200 relay: Warren (Ellis Beardsley, Anna Falvo, Sydney Paris, Paige Rimer)

100 hurdles: Sabrina Anderson, 12

100: Heather Sternby, Meadville, 11

1600: Ellis Beardsley, Warren, 12

400: Valerie Latimer, Warren, 11

400 relay: Warren (Brooke Armanini, Amy Castagnino, Casey Kulka, Sabrina Anderson)

300 hurdles: Darci Haehn, Corry, 11

800: Ellis Beardsley, Warren, 12

200: Casey Kulka, Warren, 11

3200: Karlee Xander, Corry, 9

1600 relay: Warren (Ellis Beardsley, Valerie Latimer, Tori Paris, Paige Rimer)

High jump: Abby Jones, Franklin, 10

Pole vault: Annie Royek, Corry, 12

Long jump: Brooke Armanini, Warren, 12

Triple jump: Abby Jones, Franklin, 10

Shot put: Jaynee Corbett, Corry, 12

Discus: Jaynee Corbett, Corry, 12

Javelin: Abby Gluvna, Corry, 10

Second Team

3200 relay: Meadville (Whitney, Mullen, Volna, Peters)

100 hurdles: Jordan Lynn, Meadville, 10

100: Casey Kulka, Warren, 11

1600: Brienna Sutherland, Corry, 9

400: Paige Rimer, Warren, 12; Paige Whitney, Meadville, 11; Mary Mullen, Meadville, 12

400 relay: Franklin (Nerlich, Holden, Reed, Conway)

300 hurdles: Sabrina Anderson, Warren, 12

800: Paige Rimer, Warren, 12

200: Tiasha Reed, Franklin, 11

3200: Samantha Whitney, Meadville, 11

1600 relay: Corry (Gottschling, Hall, Greer, Stockton)

High jump: Sabrina Anderson, Warren, 12

Pole vault: Haley Cooke, Franklin, 9

Long jump: Abby Jones, Franklin, 10

Triple jump: Kendell Dickson, Meadville, 11

Shot put: Nikki Atkins, Warren, 10

Discus: Abby Gluvna, Corry, 10

Javelin: D.J. Hahn, Warren, 9

Region champion- Warren

Region athlete of the year- Jaynee Corbett, Corry, 12

Region 4 All-Stars

(Name, School, Year)

First Team

3200 relay: Youngsville (Piper Olsen, Kellie Lindstrom, Marissa Byler, Hannah Morris)

100 hurdles: Abbie Swartzbaughm Youngsville, 12

100: Eve Gardner, Union City, 11

1600: Kelsey Leasure, Seneca, 11

400: Eve Gardner, Union City, 11

400 relay: Iroquois (Cadden, Sharp, Wozniak, Lasher)

300 hurdles: Abbie Swartzbaugh, Youngsville, 12

800: Rebecca Campbell, Iroquois, 9

200: Eve Gardner, Union City, 11

3200: Piper Olsen, Youngsville, 10

1600 relay: Eisenhower (Taylor Talasky, Julia Bauer, Apprille Seamens, Bizz Baran)

High jump: Kym Braine, Seneca, 11

Pole vault: Michaela Krause, Union City, 10

Long jump: Shelby Olson, Iroquois, 11

Triple jump: Caitlyn Krahe, Iroquois, 11

Shot put: Samantha Black, Seneca, 12

Discus: Samantha Black, Seneca, 12

Javelin: Kristy Izbicki, Seneca, 12

Second Team

3200 relay: Seneca (Nye, Kinney, Salter-May, Leasure)

100 hurdles: Mallory Eastman, Youngsville, 10

100: Katie Teed, Seneca, 11

1600: Rebecca Campbell, Iroquois, 9

400: Katie Teed, Seneca, 11

400 relay: Union City (Gardner, Bisbee, Toy, Glass)

300 hurdles: Mallory Eastman, Youngsville, 10

800: Kellie Lindstrom, Youngsville, 12

200: Katie Teed, Seneca, 11

3200: Leah Henderson, Titusville, 12

1600 relay: Seneca (Barnett, Salter-May, Leasure, Teed)

High jump: Emily McJunkin, Eisenhower, 9

Pole vault: Julia Davis, Union City, 12

Long jump: Kym Braine, Seneca, 11

Triple jump: Shelby Olson, Iroquois, 11

Shot put: Kelsey Miller, Iroquois, 11

Discus: Courtney Allen, Titusville, 12

Javelin: Cristea Hammil, Seneca, 9

Region champion- Seneca

Region co-athletes of the year- Samantha Black, Seneca; Eve Gardner, Union City