Narrowing The Field

From ten to one.

In the search for the next superintendent of the Warren County School District, the board of school directors first narrowed the list of applicants to 10 ten at a meeting two weeks ago.

That number is now down to one.

“With the application period closed, the search consultants have guided the board through a review of the candidate credential files and the first round interview process,” according to a statement released by the board Monday night. “The candidates interviewed came from inside and outside Pennsylvania and brought extensive leadership experience as superintendents, building level leaders and as overall educational practitioners.

“At the conclusion of the initial interviews, the board has decided to move one candidate forward to the second phase of the process.”

That candidate will meet with district administrators, teachers, support staff and community members. A community focus group has been invited to meet the candidate on Thursday at 4:45 p.m.

“There are many superintendent vacancies across the state and we interviewed several candidates from a rapidly-changing pool,” the release explained. “At the conclusion of the first round interviews, we board members shared the view that one candidate met the initial interview criteria. We look forward to introducing that candidate to the community.”

But just because there is only one of the original 10 left standing doesn’t mean that the remaining candidate will be the district’s next superintendent.

“Even though we are only bringing forward one candidate for the second phase, the next steps include additional review of reference and background materials, meetings between the candidate and stakeholders including teachers, support staff, administrators and members of the public, a review of stakeholder comments and a more in-depth interview wit the board,” Board President Arthur Stewart said. “We are working to make the right choice for the district, whether that be hiring this candidate or continuing the process with a new pool.”

The board has convened for multiple executive sessions over the last couple weeks to review the candidates supplied by Tom Templeton of the Pennsylvania School Board Association, the consulting firm assisting the district with the search. An additional executive session, approximately one-half hour in length, was held on Monday before the regular June meeting