Empty Ballots

Open seats on Warren City Council and the Warren County School District’s board of directors could appear as write-ins on the ballot in November.

Director of Elections Lisa Zuck said each political party in the county has the opportunity to complete and return nominating papers by Aug. 8 in order for a school board candidate to appear on the ballot.

If neither party nominates a candidate then the ballot will be blank and will essentially be a write-in race in which “whoever has the highest votes takes it,” Zuck said.

In the case of a tie, the winner will be decided by rolling dice.

This is the first time the nomination certificate will be used, and so far only one application has been picked up from the courthouse, said Zuck.

School board members appointed Marcy Morgan to fill the Region III seat vacated by Nancy McDanel, who resigned on March 11. In a letter to the board, McDanel cited family health concerns requiring her to spend significant time in New Hampshire as a cause for her resignation.

Zuck said because the vacancy occurred more than 60 days prior to the general election, Morgan will only serve until the first Monday in December.

No residents filed to fill the vacant city council seat or the remainder of Christopher Park’s two-year term. There were not enough write-in votes during the May primary election, Zuck said, and the ballot in November will appear blank.

“Nobody had enough, they would’ve needed 100 (votes),” said Zuck.

Park resigned following a relocation outside of the city, which made him ineligible to serve. City council had only 30 days to make an appointment to fill the vacancy in compliance with the city’s home rule charter.

“That will be decided by write-in, too,” Zuck said.

The highest vote total will win and if there’s a tie, the winner will also be decided by rolling dice.