Council may hold regular work sessions

Work sessions may become a normal operating procedure for the City of Warren.

During the first work session held last Monday, City Manager Nancy Freenock asked council to consider holding regular work sessions prior to council meetings.

She added that she would like the sessions to be held monthly.

“Let’s try another one and see how it goes,” Council Vice President Maurice Cashman said.

Councilman Sam Harvey was not as open to the concept, expressing concern that items might be pushed through during a work session when a vote cannot be held. He pointed out that at work sessions city staff are obtaining the insight of the members of council as individuals, not as a collective body.

Parks and Recreation Director Mary Ann Nau noted that work sessions are open to the public and differentiated from a council meeting because no votes are taken and no minutes are recorded.

Police Chief Raymond Zydonik spoke is support of the work sessions. Explaining that “(There have) been some proposals that died in council” that he felt should not have, he explained that work sessions would provide “the opportunity to discuss before for additional information to be provided at (the) council meeting.”

The next work session was set for 5:30 p.m. on July 1.