Dangerous drivers

Dear editor:

I am very irritated to say the least.

I have lived on Pennsylvania Avenue for 9 years now. And the lack of respect to residents in this area has gotten worse over the years.

I live a couple minutes from Country Fair, which is a new hangout in town, I guess. The other night there was a gang of trucks meeting there. Leaving Country Fair and flooring it as they leave is very dangerous not only for the person driving, but if anyone crosses in front of them that person will be crushed.

I have two small kids and I am very concerned about their safety. Yes, they no not to go into the road unless we are with them. But, what are these kids teaching my kids? How to be reckless and drive like a crazy man.

The cops do nothing about this. It is going on a daily basis everyday about 9 p.m. I am sorry for complaining, but this needs to be stopped.


Kelly Abraham