EHS has Gladiator Games to close this school year

Eisenhower Middle High School’s Gladiator Games (commonly called the EGGs), were held June 3-4.

The sixth, seventh and eighth graders were divided into 10 colored teams, each with an average of 23 students. They participated in multiple events – both athletic and nonathletic – to see which team came out on top. The competition culminated in a “Big, Better, Best” competition at the football stadium, where the teams chose representatives for more than 20 different events like best cheer, longest stand on one leg (21 minutes), best magic trick, lowest limbo, longest paper football punt and more.

This year, Maroon took first place with 27 points, and that team was awarded certificates and solar flowers at the Eisenhower Awards Assembly on June 5. This was especially great for Maroon, since they came in 10th place last year.

The events for the EGGs were kicked off at the beginning of the year with a Books and Battleball competition where students read 24 or more hours and competed in a round robin battleball tournament (Red team won).