Our opinion: The Penn-Liberty Paradigm

Now that a permanent four-way stop sign appears to be a fait accompli at one of the City of Warren’s busiest intersections, we believe it’s time for the city to review all of its traffic signage and signals.

If a four-way stop is sufficient at Liberty Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, we believe that the signal at Liberty and Second Avenue is superfluous as well, easily replaced by a three-way stop, given the one-way nature of the west end of Second. At Liberty and Third, stop signs north and south on Liberty should suffice; ditto at Liberty and Fourth.

We would suggest that the city and state transportation engineers take a look at the intersection of Market Street and Pennsylvania, where we believe that a left-turn lead signal for southbound traffic turning left onto Penn would be more than justified. Because of the increased development at the lower end of Market Street and the resulting heavier north- and south-bound traffic through that intersections, there are frequently times when the lineup of vehicles with east-bound hopes, exacerbated by tankers and other semi-trailer rigs, stretches past Second Avenue to the north.

The signal at Pine Street and Pennsylvania Avenue seems to be unnecessary as well, given what we can now refer to as the Liberty-Penn Paradigm. A stop sign on Pine should be sufficient.

There are dozens of driveways, commercial and private, on Pennsylvania Avenue in the city. Every day cars and trucks manage to negotiate in and out of the avenue with no more direction than common sense and caution.

We believe that PennDOT, with its analysis of the Pennsylvania and Liberty intersection has set a benchmark