Warren County League of Women Voters elects officers for 2013-14

Officers were elected at the Warren County League of Women Voters 2013 annual meeting: Phyllis Wright, president; Susan Swab, secretary; Christa Williams, treasurer; Elizabeth Tipton, vice president for communications; Michelle Gray, vice president for programs; and Sharon Albrecht, vice president for membership. Nominating committee chair for 2014 will be Stephanie Scutella.

Katherine Smith and Mary Schorman were honored for their 50 years of membership with a certificate and letter from the National League of Women Voters President Elizabeth McNamara and a red rose. Katherine remembered the many times she discussed issues with state and national congress persons. Mary was instrumental in creating and distributing publications as “Our Town, and Our County” produced by the Warren league. Both expressed the importance and accomplishments of the educational work of the league.

Programs of work for 2013-14 include: Area Development- study and action on the planned development of Warren County and its municipalities; Government – support of effective business at local, state and national levels; Education – study and action on the concept of equal access to quality education for all Warren Co K-12 students.

Reports were given by the 2012 50th anniversary committee, Future of Ag and economic development group, president’s annual report, approval of the budget, recognition of outgoing officer Kathe Frank, vice president for communications, and memorial for Sophia Prodromou (founding member) and Connie Robertson.

The evening continued with at the Irvine Warren Historical Museum event “Partying with the Wilder Women 50’s Fashion Flaunt” dinner and entertainment.

For information to join the league, contact Membership chair – Sharon Albrecht or Phyllis Wright – Pres. 726-1198.