New Idea: Flags instead of fences

Should the City of Warren install orange snow fencing to protect the planters on Pennsylvania Avenue during the Fourth of July parade?

Should volunteers police the grounds?

City staff has another idea.

During City Council’s work session on Monday, City Manager Nancy Freenock said that at a recent staff meeting a new idea was proposed -place flags around the planters and tie them together with twine or ribbon of some kind.

“The idea would be to go back to Mr. (Dan) Ristau and see if he had volunteers that would be willing to do (install) that,” Freenock said.

Ristau, who is president of Main Street, had approached council in May indicating that he was willing to gather volunteers to police the beds during the parade without the use of the snow fence.

Council voted down a motion at the May meeting to install the plastic snow fencing. Action on some proposal on this issue is expected at the June meeting.

On Monday, Freenock acknowledged that the staff proposal could come with some cost. Council Vice President Maurice Cashman indicated his preference that city staff do the work, not volunteers.

Parks and Recreation Director Mary Ann Nau noted that if someone is inebriated, falling on the fence or the flags is likely to cause similar damage to the plantings.

In 2011, the City of Warren invested approximately $42,000 in the concrete planters that were installed during the Streetscape project on Pennsylvania Ave. between Liberty and Hickory streets. Additional funding is used each year to prepare the beds in the spring.