Dear Editor,

Some time ago, I had several items stolen from the small pond in my yard. I was so upset not only by the monetary loss, but by the lack of respect of some low life individual(s) stealing from me.

Well, here we go again. On Memorial Day, while working outside I decided to take a break, sit on a bench near my pond, and do some reading. There’s something relaxing about the sound of water bubbling from a fountain into the pond.

As I was sitting there, I noticed an empty area where I had recently put two brand new items.

Not again!

There goes my “relaxed” mood for the day.

Who would do this? Some ignorant adult, stealing just for kicks? A teenager, maybe bored with mindless video games and cellphones, or a child not being taught respect by his parents?

Whoever you are, you’re all scum to me. I removed the remaining items from the pond, leaving nothing to steal.

If you come back, and I catch you on my property, you (or your family) will suffer the consequences.

Disgusted in Warren

Tom Cappello, Sr.